Dragon Age: Inquisition included a brand new mechanic that had never seen before in the series: the battle Table. Together the leader the an international organization, there are many politics and problems to deal with throughout Ferelden and also Orlais. Very sewing your faithful advisors, Cullen, Leliana, and also Josephine are there come help. RELATED: Dragon period Inquisition Still has Some that The best Environmental architecture In video clip Games

despite the battle Table operations only tell stories with text, they can have a large impact ~ above the human being of Thedas. In this guide, we describe all the aftermath of her decision during the operation "Truth or Dare: Lake Celestine."

Obtaining the Operation


The "Truth or Dare" series of battle table operations space initiated once you first recruit Vivienne right into your party. The very first one is referred to as Truth or Dare: The royal Court.

This quest, Truth or Dare: Lake Celestine, is obtained once the very first Truth or Dare operation is completed, as well as the story mission "In Hushed Whispers" or "Champions of the Just" (depending on even if it is you recruited the mages or templars).

The Problem


In the previous truth or dare operation, friend learned around rumours in Orlais that case Divine Justinia is still alive. They indicate that she has actually ordered the Inquisition to spark chaos so as to kill her enemies in the Chantry — v the included bonus of quelling the mage rebellion and the templar uprising. In reality or Dare: Lake Celestine, you can choose to confront among two Orlesian nobles around these rumours: the Comte de Mourier or the Marquise Courtemance.

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your Choices and The Results

The "Truth or Dare" pursuits branch off here in two directions, depending on which torture you next with: Leliana or Josephine (Cullen doesn"t get involved in this mission).


Time come Complete: 48 minutes Rewards: 30 Influence, Vivienne approves Next Mission: fact or Dare: See and also Be viewed

Josephine says that, due to the fact that the Comte de Mourier is a distant relation that the empress, that"s the command you must pursue.

acquisition her advice prompts the Comte come visit the Inquisition himself and opens increase the "See and Be Seen" operation, in which he supplies his influence (with a little bit of assist from Josephine) to quell the rumours.

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Time come Complete: 1 hour Rewards: 30 Influence, Vivienne approves Next Mission: Truth or Dare: A Dangerous game

Leliana note that some of her agents are already close come Courtemance, so they can infiltrate his home to look for anything suspicious.

If you support her plan, Leliana"s agents investigate and also discover that he"s been meeting with other Orlais nobles and also giving castle bribes to proceed these rumours — in the form of busts of the late divine Justinia or various other decorative items, stuffed to the optimal with red lyrium.

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Leliana"s agents can arrange for among the bribes to it is in "accidentally" damaged in public during the next operation, "A attention Game," so the the real source of these rumours is seen.