Anybody have actually any great builds because that a mage utilizing the blade of Tidarion? i imagine knight Enchanter works ideal with the weapon, because it's melee range and the sustained barrier will help with squishyness, yet I understand it's damages is lower than other high level staffs and also I don't desire to hamper myself as well much. Playing a two-handed warrior together a mage simply seems favor a most fun.

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Any and all help will be lot appreciated! Thanks!


I provided a article Enchanter v it but I had developed my own using a masterwork that generated guard on every hit, that plus the KE passive that generates barrier makes friend unkillable. I additionally paired it through an amulet the puts you right into stealth and also makes your very first hit after girlfriend come the end of the a auto crit, which pairs well with the KE sword. Ns personally never found too much of an concern with damage.

Oh my God, that amulet. I an initial found that on my non mage playthrough, so i just provided it come Dorian

It totally broke his ai. He wouldn't run anywhere anymore, always just was standing in place and also teleported surrounding when the party gained too far. The would likewise freeze increase in combat sometimes, which was awkward due to the fact that then no one had any type of barriers and also they stopped gaining elemental combos

Best playthrough of mine life. Left the amulet on that the whole time, he maintained surprising me by materializing places and also I felt prefer I would miss that

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There room a lot of of extremely cool builds you can uncover out there, typically on youtube but additionally on forums like fextralife. However, utilizing the blade of Tidarion (the schematic do with great materials), I have only found one, and also it was some test video I came upon by opportunity on youtube.

It is predictably, a knight Enchanter construct using the blade, and also contrary to what you can think native the dps value, the damages numbers in the video clip from the man’s spells and attacks are absolutely insane.

Have a look: article Enchanter Crit build Test

I personally copied this develop out of curiosity because that a replay of the game I did, and I uncovered it impressive and an extremely fun. It complete readjusted the method I played together a mage, also as a items Enchanter.

It also incorporates a really interesting element into the spells the no other develop using one more staff can: regular staves can only it is in enchanted with Non-Elemental Runes; that way that only spirit runes, dragon-killing runes, etc. Deserve to go top top the staff, however never a rune the fire, or that lightning.

For the tongue of Tidarion, however, this is not the case. No matter what aspect you craft a BoT the end of, it deserve to receive elemental Gems and actually be enchanted v two elements at as soon as (if you made it out of a lightning material and also put a fire rune ~ above it, the pillar of the blade will both it is in fiery and electrical, for example).

The mind-blowing component about act this is power barrage. Together you know, that spell fires a volley that projectiles the the element that your staff is. If you have actually a BoT through two elements (because the an element rune), it will certainly fire 2 volleys, among each that the two elements of the blade, rather of simply one. You have the right to see this in the video, and aside native looking really cool, it completely destroys enemies. In mine playthrough one actors of it nearly took the end a 4 minutes 1 of Corypheus’s wellness bar, although perhaps he is not the ideal measure.

So, by making use of the BoT friend get accessibility to a unique ability of energy Barrage, almost, that not even the more powerful staves can, and you tho get an excellent damage v spells. If you watch the video you can see this because that yourself, and also as come why this is regardless of the short low dps value, i will sophisticated below.

You might be surprised to find out that if you handmade a weapon through the tongue of Tidarion schematic, it in reality does no really execute that much less damage from the top staves in the game.

This is because, once looking at actual damage, you need to really no look at dps, which is the quantity you are more than likely looking at, however at flat, per-hit damages (visible in the list of results of the weapon once you look at details). This is additionally the amount your spells watch at when determining damage (when a spell claims 400% weapon damage, it way the flat damage, not the dps).

The most basic explanation for the good difference in dps worths is that, together the hatchet suggests, that is a measure of the average damages the weapon inflicts in one second: the BoT is slower to swing than a staff, for this reason its all at once dps is generally constantly smaller, also if that flat damages is actually very high. That course, staves space much faster to assault with, so even mid-game arbitrarily staves you find will tend to have greater dps than any end-game BoT friend craft, even if the flat damage of the last is much higher than the former.

You can see this for yourself if you craft 2 end-game staves, one BoT and another a Lyrium-Infused staff, because that example. Flat damages will just really different by 10 points or something, v is a tremendously tiny variation, also if dps is very different.

Sorry for the lengthy post, yet I hope you found it helpful. It take it me a many time to get over the general misconception the the BoT was simply a cool-looking weapon that was i m so sad bad, however when i did and I make the efforts the construct from the video, ns probably had actually the many fun i have ever had in Inquisition.

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TL;DR tongue of Tidarion is actually very great with KE and also lets you fire a double-elemental power Barrage. Watch the video clip linked above for a cool construct I found.