Cut content from DA2′s action 3 bone pit questline! The mine massacre quest was initially much much longer than it showed up in game.

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mine massacre newspaper entries

Go to the Bone Pit to evaluate the case for Hubert.See come the workers who room sheltered in the mines.Return to hobtration in Hightown’s industry by day.Control of the Bone Pit was handed to the miners to work out a job dispute.Control of the Bone Pit was wrested from hobtration to resolve a job dispute.The Bone Pit labor dispute ended as soon as Hubert’s guards eliminated the miners.The Bone Pit labor dispute ended as soon as Hubert’s guards eliminated the miners.The high dragon has actually returned. Death it!The Bone Pit has been overrun by dragons. Slay them!Hubert was grateful for the dragons being eliminated.The high dragon at the Bone Pit to be left to its very own devices.

quest start

(Hawke perfect act 1 pursuit The Bone Pit)Hubert: Catastrophe has actually struck, partner! We room ruined. Ruined! Hawke: Don’t panic. Phone call me what happened.Hawke: It’s constantly something through this mine.Hawke: I’ve no patience for hysterics. Phone call me what’s wrong.Hubert: A cart came ago from the Bone Pit, half-wrecked, with a dozen mangled bodies!Hubert: The horse pulling the dare was the only survivor, and it does not speak!Hubert: Town full of rotten mages and also not one can obtain answers from a horse?Hawke: I’ll see what’s walking on. Until then, shot to remain calm.Hawke: I’ll check it out. You store interrogating the horse.Hawke: If you’ve nothing pertinent to add, I’ll acquire to it.Hubert:I knew I could depend top top you. Just like old times, partner!

(Hawke go not finish act 1 quest The Bone Pit)Hubert: Champion! Catastrophe has struck! ns am ruined. Ruined!Hawke: Don’t panic. Call me what happened.Hawke: due to the fact that I became Champion the Kirkwall, everyone wants a item of me.Hawke: I’ve no patience because that hysterics. Call me what’s wrong. Hubert: A cart came back from the Bone Pit, half-wrecked, v a dozen mangled bodies!Hubert: My mining operation might be in tomb jeopardy, and no one have the right to tell me what is going on!Hubert: I implore you, Champion! walk to the Bone Pit and set things straight!Hawke: I’ve heard the location is riddled v misfortune. Why would you have actually a mining operation there?Hubert: I thought the rumors were exaggerated. The mine has been good for the city these last few years.Hubert: It provides hundreds of jobs for your very own countrymen, Fereldan expatriates who would otherwise it is in on the streets.Hawke: I’ll see what’s going on. Until then, shot to stay calm.Hawke: v the Undercity sewers backed up, I’ll take any kind of excuse to obtain out that town.Hubert: Oh say thanks to you! ns knew the Champion that Kirkwall would concerned my aid.Hawke: I’ll obtain there once I get there.Hubert: Please do time because that this, Champion. V each pass moment, wide range is gift lost. And lives too!

As released, falcon goes come the bone pit, fights a high dragon, and returns with poor news because that Hubert.

vanilla quest end

Hawke: A dragon assaulted your mine. Anyone is dead.Hubert: Dear Maker! What of mine equipment? Did the seem salvageable?Hawke: Unfortunately, your precious equipment didn’t do it… and also neither did your workers.Hawke: No. And also neither walk the employees who passed away trying to save it.Hawke: The dragons scorched every critical cart and also shovel.Hubert: Oh, mine heart! So numerous years of investment… ns am ruined. Ruined!Hubert: I to be sorry, Champion, I evaluate your help, but I sank all my coin into that rotten mine. I have nothing left to pay you.Hawke: offer me the Bone Pit. Possibly in a few years i can obtain it back in order.Hubert: What? (Scoffs.) Fine, take it it! ns wash my hands of this cursed venture!Hawke: ns slew the dragon to safeguard the city. I require no coin native you.Hubert: Up-jumped bloody dog-lord.

In the cut content, however, Hawke find Hubert’s rental guards external the mine. Videotaped audio because that the cut content can be found on youtube.

cut conversation - Cara

Cara: Champion! i didn’t think anyone was coming.Hawke: What happened here?Cara: The dragons captured us by surprise, coming under from the mountains.Cara: Robart, my finest lieutenant, was watching for them, but… he’s missing.Cara: We held earlier the dragons so the survivors might take shelter in the mines. Now we’re clearing a way out the here.Hawke: You’re no leaving without the miners, are you?Hawke: much better save yourselves while friend can, right?Hawke: You have to be protecting the miners. Why aren’t you through them?Cara: It’s not prefer that! We’re clearing the way so they deserve to escape prior to the high dragon returns.Aveline: A high dragon? So close to to Kirkwall?Anders: Come now, high dragons room exceedingly rare, and also I’ve currently slain one of them.Hawke: A high dragon? are you sure?Cara: I’ve read the tales of the Hero that Ferelden. The description matches.(Here the high dragon interrupts the conversation in part way.)Cara: Believe me now? We’re running the end of time!Cara: Champion, you re welcome go to the mines and also get the workers on your feet. I’ll clock the skies.

Cara: I’ll guard this path. Please, see to the survivors.

Cara: Maker be v you, Champion.

Hawke finds the surviving miners in the mines.

cut conversation - Earl & Jansen

Earl: Champion, you’re here! Jansen’s questioning for you. I fear he don’t have actually long.Blue Hawke: Jansen. I’m here to obtain you to safety. We don’t have actually much time.Purple Hawke: Jansen, mine friend. Girlfriend look a bit worse because that the wear.Red Hawke: Jansen… help is here. Hold on..Anders: He’s dying. There is naught I have the right to do.Aveline: That wound has actually festered. It’s… no good.Isabela: This one’s beyond help.Fenris: The wound rots. His fatality is certain.Varric: That’s a nasty wound.Jansen: The… Champion that Kirkwall. Ns knew you’d come.Earl: He’s delirious. Been trying to tell me something, but I can’t make it out.Jansen: I assumed my life would certainly be an ext than this… more than mines and dragons and also that bastard Hubert.Jansen: But I offered my life to the Bone Pit, prefer so plenty of others…Hawke: forgive me. Ns would have actually saved you if i could.Hawke: Cheer up. While girlfriend still attract breath, there’s hope.Hawke: Jansen, I require to acquire the miners come safety. If you’ve miscellaneous say, do it quick.Jansen: I feeling the cold creeping up. Not lengthy till it stops my heart. Unequal Hubert, i can’t live without one.Jansen: I overheard that bastard, talking to a guard—thought it was nothing it spins now. However he knew the dragons was coming.Earl: Hubert’s a son-of-an-Orlesian-whore, however there’s no way he’d leave us to die.Jansen: Listen come me! This mine’s cursed—let the burn! Don’t let that take an additional innocent life.Jansen: Please…Earl: No! No, not yet! We have the right to still obtain out of this…Cara: Messere Hawke! We’re too late. The dragon’s returned!

Earl: Ah, Jansen. I’ll drink a pint because that you, my friend.Earl: If hobtration knew those dragons were coming… I’ll crack his head open!

Earl: Best that luck. We’re all relying on you.

After the high dragon is killed, Hubert appears outside the mine with the guards.

quest end

Earl: You saved us, Champion. Once we reach Kirkwall, we’ll send aid for the wounded.Earl: Hubert! now you present up? us watched our brothers die, every for her blighted pit!Hubert: How dare you! there is no me, girlfriend would have starved to fatality in the gutters that Lowtown.Earl: That’s far better than pour it until it is full a monster’s belly!Hubert: Imbeciles! How could I suspect the dragons would return? girlfriend bark like you are the just ones who lost something.Hawke: throw accusations roughly doesn’t aid anyone.Hawke: In case you hadn’t noticed, your dragon’s dead. No must thank me.Hawke: Quit her shouting.Hubert: Yes, give thanks to you Champion! I, for one, am both grateful and also amazed…Cara: Robart? I thought you to be dead. You were watching because that dragons. Why didn’t you warn us?Robart: Cara, I… I’ve got new orders now.Cara: Hubert? girlfriend knew around the dragons?Hubert: Just patience down and also you’ll be well compensated.Cara: Do you recognize how plenty of died? and it’s her fault! save your blood money.Hawke: i assume there’s a great reason friend didn’t call me around the dragons.Hawke: you knew dragons were coming and you maintained it to yourself?Hawke: was it your arrangement that the dragons would kill me?Hubert: Not in ~ all!Hubert: Robart reported dragons in the region, but they can have gone anywhere. I merely wanted to avoid panic.Earl: And acquire every critical hour of work out the us prior to we were eaten!Earl: To think i didn’t think Jansen. Girlfriend motherless bastard! I’ll rip the end your shriveled heart!Hubert: Champion, talk some sense right into your countrymen before they gain themselves killed. I would rather not have to train brand-new workers.

(Ending 1: Hawke take away the bone mine from Hubert.)

(Ending A)Blue Hawke: Coin can be earn again, but the resides lost have the right to never be restored.Blue Hawke: Since they have actually sacrificed the most, the workers will certainly own and run the mine, under mine supervision.Hubert: What? After all I have actually invested—Blue Hawke: Hubert, you’ll it is in a silent partner until her share’s to buy out.Hubert: Shit! Fine! i am sick of this pit anyway. Ns should have sold it years ago!Earl: Imagine that! We’ll it is in owners!Earl: Be a the majority of work to gain this mine to run again. First, us gotta get the injured earlier on their feet.(Ending B)Purple Hawke: as the human being with the many impressive title, I’ll do the decision here, thank you.Purple Hawke: I’m taking over the Bone Pit, efficient now!Red Hawke: girlfriend will give the mine end to me. Uneven you’d quite pay v your life.Hawke: You males will have actually a for sure environment and steady pay from currently on.Hubert: Shit! Fine! i am ailing of this pit anyway. I should have sold it year ago!Earl: No more taking assignment from the Orlesian bastard! We’ll be working for among our own, now.Earl: Be a many work to get this mine to run again. First, we gotta gain the injured back on their feet.

(Ending 2: hobtration is killed)

Hawke: What you’ve done is indefensible. Stand down or challenge me.Robart: Sorry, Hubert. You can’t salary me enough to overcome swords through the Champion the Kirkwall and also slayer that dragons.Hubert: No wait! ns will double your pay… triple!Hubert: No! We have the right to make a deal! just how would you all favor to it is in my partners?Hubert: (Screams.)Earl: I assumption: v the Bone Pit’s yours now. What room your plans?(Ending A)Hawke: The miners know how to run this place. I’ll make you every co-owners.Earl: Imagine that! We’ll it is in owners!Earl: Be a many work to get this mine running again. First, us gotta gain the injured earlier on your feet.(Ending B)Hawke: If you’ll proceed working the mines, ns promise come treat you far better than hubert did.Earl: No more taking order from that Orlesian bastard! We’ll be working for one of our own, now.Earl: Be a most work to acquire this mine running again. First, we gotta get the injured earlier on their feet.(Ending C)Hawke: You and your fellows can have this blighted pit. I never want come come earlier here again.Earl: Aye, this place is cursed. Let’s just walk away and never look back.

(Ending 3: the miners space killed)

Hawke: Hubert, I’ll leaving you to her problem.Hubert: What a bloody mess.Hubert: Thank you for handling the dragons. Together promised, you are the majority owner that the Bone Pit now.Hubert: I will certainly go attract up the paperwork. Men, leave the corpses to the crows.

assorted comments

Remarks from your party members during the quest:

Fenris: Most dragons kill for food or territory. This bodies were not devoured, so they should see this ar as your own.Anders: They never stood a chance.Aveline: This was pure slaughter.Merrill: So countless dead…Varric: I wonder if anyone might have prevented this.

Anders: So plenty of injured… We’ll never have the ability to get castle all out in time.Aveline: So couple of survivors… and we’ll lose more if we shot to move them.Fenris: This cave stinks of death. These civilization won’t leave right here alive.Varric: Even were us all healers, it would be difficult to assist everyone.Merrill: So plenty of injured and dying…

Anders: Dragons. You never acquire used to the vision of them…Aveline: Dragons! The legends that this place must it is in true. They’ve went back to take what’s theirs.Varric: Seems the dragons desire their pit back.Merrill: After every these years, dragons have actually returned to the Bone Pit.Fenris: Dragons. Additional proof this ar is cursed.Isabela: I always thought dragons were an alleged to be rare.

And comments from hubert after the quest:

Hubert: I, eh, persuaded the city security to… skipping what happened at the Bone Pit. Hubert: I rental someone to short article fliers in the refugee camps, so we shall have brand-new workers prior to long.Hubert: The papers are in order. You will certainly run the Bone Pit in mine stead.Hubert: The files are in order. The miners will certainly run the Bone Pit themselves.

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Hubert: I never should have gotten affiliated with the cursed mine.