i really like how polar dogs will make a house for themselves in the snow and then peek just their snoot and also eyes out of the former door. Execute you have pics favor that?
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A long, thorny vine with a wicked-looking seeds pod in ~ one end and also a handle fashioned roughly the roots. The vine slithers subtly as soon as you understand it.

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You have actually a +3 bonus come attack and also damage roll made with this magic weapon, which transaction 1d8 piercing damage instead the 1d4 slashing damage. When holding Phlagellos, you acquire blindsight out to 20 feet.
Phlagellos has actually 5 seeds. Once you hit through it, you have the right to embed 1 seed into the flesh of the target biology if it has an necessary or earthen body. A particle implanted right into a creature is undetectable unless uncovered with a successful DC 20 Wisdom (Medicine) check (no activity required), and also can be removed with one action. If a seeds is gotten rid of it withers and also turns come dust immediately. You recognize the ar of each implanted seed at every times, even on another plane of existence. As a bonus action, friend can reason an implanted seeds to thrive suddenly, dealing 2d6 necrotic damages to the host and a suckling mandrake to explode forth, landing in an unoccupied nearby space. A seeds will instantly undergo this procedure if left implanted for 1 hour. Phlagellos regrows 1d4+1 expended seeds daily at dawn.
Suckling Mandrakes space parasitic baby-like plants that follow the biology they to be implanted into, known as the host. A suckling mandrake is associated to the wound it erupted indigenous by a slim umbilical cord that drains the host’s vitality and also from the second it is birthed it emits a tortured scream the sickens all who hear it. Suckling Mandrakes plot of their very own volition, with the sole desire to stay tethered to your host. Lock only assault out that self-defense if cornered, lashing out with their tiny teeth. If a suckling mandrake’s umbilical cord is severed, that will proceed to monitor its organize until the withers away. Suckling mandrakes implanted through Phlagellos take their turns instantly after the host’s turn. You and also any creatures the your selection are immune come the suckling mandrake's sickening wail.

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Phlagellos, the Mandrake maker was shaped and also grown through the foolish archdruid Mingorius Plesk to spread out his embraced offspring. Obsessed through their propagation, Mingorius’ human body is organize to a swarm of mandrakes. Their plenty of tethers swarm his withered body like piglets suckling a sow and their torture wails to fill the air. To many, the cacophony is unbearable, however he hears your cries as a chorus of sweet voices.
Barely kept alive through druidic magic, the toils in his garden that abominations v feverish ecstasy, devising new branches the plantoid morphology. When a novel each other reveals itself to him, he heads out into the dark woodland in search of fresh hosts because that his parasitic youngsters to leach from.-