Don't touch the spikes is a really fun game, yet tright here are a couple of flaws that drive me crazy!1. Many times, adds pop up in the middle of the game which reasons you to loose.2. When adds pop up, it brings you to the App Store also if you didn't press anypoint which is tough because you save having actually to go into a new application.3. it freezes a lot, my phone is in great problem, it never freezes other than for on this app4. The candies are sort of difficult to win you have to conserve up and also tright here are specific birds that expense more than 1,200 candies.5. There are 5 birds at the bottom When you go to the bird tab, those birds you deserve to use for cost-free but you have to scroll all the means down to acquire them6. In the bird park, birds fly by and also if u tap on it, a diamond falls dvery own, diamonds are offered for getting birds, and also candies are offered to upgrade your park. Eincredibly time you upgrade a brand-new function comes in, prefer hills, clouds, trees, the sunlight which makes even more birds pertained to your park which means, MORE DIAMONDS! But, on level 1 hardly any fly by about 5 fly by a minute, so I would say be patient bereason you have to spend candies to gain crystals. 7. Hard mode- hard mode is where your bird goes faster and the spikes relocate up and also dvery own the wall. It is extremely difficult to get candies8. Duels- duels are difficult bereason tright here is one more computer bird completing with you. It is fairly difficult and also it have the right to take a while, you have to win 3 rounds for each duel and if you leave, your development is lost

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Resolution bug addressed but you can’t invested candy anyeven more to unlock birds

So ultimately after 5 years they addressed the resolution glitch however currently as soon as you open the bird keep they simply made the birds cost-free. I would be fine via this, yet they did not make all the birds accessible and also a lot are missing. Basically, they now made it so you can’t spfinish candy to unlock birds anymore which is what made the game fun and also have progression however they simply took that away via this upday. So you have actually nopoint to job-related in the direction of to unlock and I can’t gain the bird that I provided to have anymore. For circumstances there was a red spiked bird that had black stars adhering to the trail and also they took that ameans. I hope they solve this and permit us to spend candy to unlock birds aget.

More brand-new challenges!

I love this game and also have had it for an extremely lengthy time. I have completed all of the challenges and it states “more brand-new obstacles coming soon”. I’ve had them completed for about a month, yet still no brand-new difficulties have been added. I still play, however not as a lot because the challenges are what motivated me to save playing bereason I wanted to beat them. That is the just reason I have left 4 instead of 5 stars. I still love the game and it’s still fun, however I would certainly play even more when the challenges are updated!!

The developer, Ketchapp, indicated that the app’s privacy methods may include managing of information as described below. For more indevelopment, view the developer’s privacy plan.

File Used to Track You

The adhering to data might be offered to track you throughout tastecraftedmcd.com and also websites owned by various other companies:

Purchases Location User Content Identifiers Usage File Diagnostics Other File

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The adhering to data may be built up and connected to your identity:

Purchases Location User Content Identifiers Usage File Diagnostics Other Data

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Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS 9.0 or later on. iPad Requires iPadOS 9.0 or later on. iPod touch Requires iOS 9.0 or later on. Mac Requires macOS 11.0 or later on and also a Mac via tastecraftedmcd.com M1 chip.