I think the expression "Don"t get me wrong" in conversation suggests, "I"m about to say somepoint that you could misunderstand, so do not."

I"m searching for a similar phrase that sounds much better when speaking to a group of human being. I occasionally usage the phrase "Don"t take this the wrong way", yet that seems also clunkier.

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"Please don"t misunderstand also me, but..." should suit your requirements.

(This is much more polite than the imperative you must understand.)

"Don"t acquire me wrong" and also "don"t take this the wrong way" suppose various things. The former even more very closely resembles a precursor to a statement refuting or mildly disagreeing via previous statement. For example:

Don"t get me wrong; I reap children. However (or "having shelp that", etc), they carry out bother me at times.

The last, yet, suggests "I"m around to say somepoint that you could misunderstand also, so don"t". For example:

Don"t take this the wrong means, yet you look very worn down now.

A method to obtain approximately the clunky feeling of "don"t take this the wrong way" would be to relocation it via "please don"t take offence" or something else even more specific to the context of the sentence.

Getting about using "do not acquire me wrong" is also easier. All one demands to execute is omit the phrase, however if some of its definition is still preferred, one might begin via "understand also that" or "you need to understand also that" as in this sentence:

You need to understand that I reap youngsters. However, they execute bvarious other me at times.

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The expression "Let me be clear" seems proper. However, it is a bit even more forceful than "Don"t get me wrong."

Interestingly, when I googled this, I uncovered the majority of hits criticizing President Barack Obama for overusing this phrase (together with "Make no mistake," which can additionally serve in this context). Perhaps that"s why it came to my mind?

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