New series at the Capitalist: The Top 100 Movie Price quotes of all time for HR Pros.  In no special order, I break dvery own the 100 movie quotes that resonate many for me as a career HR pro.  Some will certainly be funny, some will be serious... Some will tug at your heart prefer as soon as the Fox voice-over male shelp, "Tonight - a really unique episode of 90210"... You acquire the vibe... I'll execute it countdown-style like they're ranked, however let's confront it - they're ALL special...

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#98 - From Han Solo in the original Star Wars - "Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky..."

Don't remember this one?  Think earlier to the original Star Wars, the scene is a space fight wbelow Han

Solo, Luke and also the gang are trying to survive a space shoot out with some foe fighters.  Luke takes the position of tail gunner and after experiencing his initially adversary kill, yells, "Got Him!!" through all the hope and vigor you'd suppose from a rookie.

Han, the veteran knowledge that it's not time to celebprice yet, responds over his headset with "Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky...".

Why is that an excellent HR quote?  Mainly bereason in your life as an HR pro, you've witnessed overconfidence that's presented itself in multiple ways.  The rookie who celebprices too beforehand, unaware of the challenges they still challenge.  The veteran that celebrates because they desperately require a win, craving some attention.

And then there's you.  You have more indevelopment than the majority of.  You recognize the beforehand rookie celebration is premature, because the project's around to be killed.  You understand also the veteran celebration is method early on too, considering that the perkid in question is regarded as a low perprevious by some in the company.  You have the information.  They don't.  They're about to gain crumelted by what happens next.

So you perform what you deserve to, offering up some encouragement combined with coaching, tipping them off to following measures that would be a good idea to maximize their possibilities of success relocating forward.  The message is your variation of Han Solo's advice:  It's not over yet.  Nice job, however you've still obtained some work-related to execute.  You have to encourage, warn and also carry out counsel, all at the same time.  Without providing up confidential indevelopment that perchild can't have.

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You're Han Solo.  The massive brvarious other or sister who's tright here to overview the youngsters, the ones trying to make their means.  

Good luck through that.  Original clip shows up below (email subscribers click through for video)...