Due to the pandemic, human being have come to be habitual to the job-related from residence society and also video conferences. Services choose Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, and also Google Hangouts have been some of the many well-known video calling platforms provided by occupational institutions and colleges. But, have actually you ever wondered which one’s the a lot of reliable once it concerns data usage? Well, in this short article, let’s have actually a look at how a lot data is consumed by Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Sabsence, and also Hangouts.

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Data Consumed for 1-Hour of Video Conferencing on Video Calling Platdevelops.

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Data Consumed for 1-Hour of Video Conferencing on Video Calling Platdevelops.

If you depend on mobile data for group video calls, your daily data limit might gain used up pretty quickly. This is because video conference eats most information. Therefore, listed below we’ve common indevelopment about just how a lot information is consumed for 1-hour video conferencing by Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, MS Teams, Sabsence, and also Hangouts.

Before we begin, note that these are turbulent estimations. The actual data consumption might differ based on:

The high quality of the video.The number of people streaming their videos.The number of civilization you are looking at.If you’re streaming your very own video.

1. Zoom


Slack is another renowned platdevelop supplied for organization interaction and job management. For one-on-one video calls, it consumes around 540MB per hour. For video calling with 3 world, the intake is around 810MB an hour. At the very same time, calls via 5 and also even more participants need about 1.2GB+ of information per hour.

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6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts consumes about 1.4GB of information per hour for 5 inbound participants. For 10+ inbound participants, it’ll take around 1.8GB of data per hour. Your outbound intake remains at roughly 1.4GB an hour.

How to Estimate the Documents Usage?

You have the right to measure the data usage of a video clip calling platcreate by looking at the bandwidth numbers. Just include the inbound and outbound bandwidth and also multiple by just how long the conference call will certainly proceed to get an estimate of information consumption.

Do note that bandwidth is commonly discussed in Mbps (Megabits). You’ll must divide this number by 8 to convert it to MBps (Megabytes), which is exactly how mobile information is calculated. Aget, this will only offer you estimates- actual consumption will differ via various other components.

Wrapping Up

These were estimations for information consumption in 1-hour video conference by Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and also Hangouts. Besides, we’ve likewise discussed exactly how you have the right to figure out the data consumption by analysis the bandwidth numbers. Anymeans, which of the video calling platcreates carry out you use? Do let us know in the comments listed below.

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