Well the time has come. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special titled "The Day of the Doctor" is tonight. so in celebration of it, Google has decided to dedicate its Google Doodle today to it.

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In it, you play as one of the 11 past and present Doctors and must rescue the Google logo from the Daleks. You must travel to different time periods and maneuver past Daleks and other Doctor Who enemies roaming the level to retrieve each letter. Once you retrieve the letter, you must then make it safely back to the TARDIS and onto the next level.

Google went for a vintage look for the browser game as the characters are rendered in 8-bit graphics set in a 3D environment. It is a pretty neat little game to waste some time with.

You can go here to play the Google Doodle and learn a little more about it. Now if you"ll excuse me, I gotta continue playing as the Ninth Doctor. He may not be everyone"s favorite, but he is played by Christopher Eccleston and that actor is AWESOME! Plus, he gave us Rose as a Companion.

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With the 50th Anniversary special airing this Saturday(and that being kind of a big deal), preceded by a drama based on the creation of the sh…