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“You’re Gonna have a poor Time” is a memorable quote uttered by the character Sans native the retro-stylish RPG video clip game Undertale, together ultimatum claimed to the players that had made decision to take the Genocide course (also known as No Mercy Route), a story branch of the game that have the right to be completed by grinding and also killing every fightable monster.

The quote got popular on the internet throughout the Sans"s battle theme Megalovania, miscellaneous fan arts and in a joke manner, with motivating poorly made recreations that it.


On march 13th, 2002, the episode of South Park "Asspen" aired in the unified States. In the episode, a ski instructor repeats the heat "you"re gonna have actually a poor time" throughout his accuse (shown below).

Undertale is a RPG video clip game exit in September 2015, whereby players are able to win their battles there is no killing your opponents. However, if the player has actually killed every monster that have the right to be fought prior to passing all the puzzles in the frozen city of Snowdin, Sans will warn the player to not fight the next boss; his brother Papyrus, and also drops his friendly appearance while saying "You"re gonna have a negative time" to foreshadow story occasions and results caused by continuing to death monsters and also becoming over-leveled come the suggest of killing most personalities in a single hit.

The quote will be repeated after the "Judge" scene near the finish of the video game if the player succeeds in death every boss and also random encounter monster preceding the scene, where afterwards the player need to fight a boss battle versus sans.

In the genocide route; the player can kill nearly every monsters effortlessly in one hit, but totally averts this in Sans" boss battle by revealing him together an extremely powerful fighter able to evade every assault from the player, creating a high challenge spike and an all-out fight of endurance in between the player and also sans in what fans dub together the "True last Boss" that the Genocide Ending.


The quote has actually seen spread in the Undertale fandom indigenous players who have finish the genocide ending of the end, making use of it as a catchphrase because that the game"s "genocide route".

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Sans" theme is Megalovania (Shown bottom left) a revamped variation of a final boss template that Undertale"s developer Toby Fox initially composed because that his previous game; the Earthbound ROM hack " Halloween Hack" <1> (Shown bottom middle). Toby Fox also composed a remix of the original song (also recognized as MeGaLoVania) because that the soundtrack of Homestuck <2> (shown bottom right).