Sunflower seed are supplied in snack bars, multigrain bread or also as a snack for as soon as you space on the go and don’t have actually anything else at hand.

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The small seeds space packed complete of goodies like healthy and balanced fats, proteins and also minerals, making castle a healthy and also fulfilling treat.

Not the cite the truth that they mitigate the risk of inflammation and also heart disease, as pointed out by Healthline.

A difficulty a lot of of people face is with their usage. These seeds are fantastic for birds and snacking, but other than that, they room not rather as usable together something choose almonds, walnuts or chestnuts, every one of which make much better snacks.

Hence, it might be a bit difficult to instantly use them, even much more so if you have bought lock in bulk.

If you have actually a bundle of these seeds, you could be wondering, do sunflower seeds go bad? we are right here to answer this question for you.

Do Sunflower seed Go Bad? just how Long does Sunflower seed Last?


Sunflower seeds do go bad and also don’t last lengthy in the pantry yet remain good for a long time if you desire to frozen them. That being said, life sunflower seeds generally last for:

2-3 months in the pantryAbout 1 year in the fridge or freezer

On the various other hand, roasted sunflower seeds last for:

3-4 months in the pantryOver a year in the refrigerator or freezer

Roasted seeds last longer due to their absence of moisture. As moisture is the main variable leading to mold in oily foods, decreasing the moisture content by roasting deserve to increase the shelf life.

Sunflower seed don’t last lengthy in the pantry in any form and have the shortest best By date compared to similar seeds such together flax seeds, sesame seeds or chia seeds.

This is a distinct difference compared to the stellar shelf life of sunflower oil, which is about 2 years.

Keep in mind the while sunflower seeds might last longer after being frozen, the taste degrades end time.

The seeds might look fully fine, but the taste would come to be far more generic and also bland by the time they have gone totally bad.

How to Tell If Sunflower Seeds space Bad? Sunflower seed Shelf Life!


The signs for spoiled sunflower seeds room not as evident as other edibles, however you have the right to spot them with a to crawl eye. Follow to The Spruce, this include:

expansion of moldPresence the insectsDifference in aromaBland taste

The appearance of mold is especially true for seeds with high oil content such together sunflower seeds.

Hence, keeping them in a cool place away native heat and also moisture is a must. Store in mind the these seed have an excellent freezing potential, which comes in comfortable if you desire some much more oomph the end of her seeds.

As always, the taste test holds supreme. Simply pop a seed in your mouth and also taste if that is still precious eating.

If you feeling something amiss, no must take any kind of health risks; just toss the seeds.


All in all, sunflower seeds might not it is in the best different if you just want a seed come snack on, but they have a kind calorie count.

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With appropriate storage, they can last girlfriend long enough for you come safely consume them.