Black Friday is when again debuting v a wide variety of Cyber Monday and Black Friday drone deals obtainable from both the main DJI website and Amazon. The drones because that sale deals have already started on Thu 24th Nov, simply one day before Black Friday therefore you can start ordering her favourite drone.

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Here room the top 3 drone transaction this Cyber Monday and Black Friday:

1. DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter


This beautiful Phantom drone is the latest to be exit by DJI and features intelligent an innovation such as auto take-off and also return home, using gps technology, 4K Ultra HD videos and 12.0MP v a f/2.8 wide edge lens. Many importantly, it incorporates obstacle avoidance and also vision positioning!

You have the option to buy this directly from DJI or from Amazon for $999 ($1,399). Review more.

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2. DJI Phantom 3 Professional


One action down from the Phantom 4 is the Phantom 3 professional which was released simply one year prior. However, that still functions most that the features accessible in the Phantom 4, with a couple of exceptions.

It doesn’t have obstacle avoidance onboard, however unless you flying through your eye closed you shouldn’t be needing it the much.

The black color Friday price ~ above this is brilliant as DJI is selling it for $799 ($1,259) for sooner or later only. You can additionally purchase the from Amazon.

3. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Finally, the entrance level because that the phantom brand readily available by DJI is the Phantom 3 traditional perfect because that anyone just obtaining started in aerial photography and also film making. The drone has actually a 2.7K video camera and ability to take 12MP photos.

You likewise get all the usual flying app, general practitioners mode with return home duty and a battery capable of flying the drone because that 25 minutes.

On black color Friday this drone is obtainable for $399 ($799) – that’s 50% off. Probably one that the best deals ever. Buy now! native DJI or

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Whether you space an professional photographer already or just acquiring started, these black color Friday drone deals from DJI are perfect to get you thinking about buying a drone and also take that following step in the direction of aerial photography. The Phantom 3 traditional is additionally ideal together a current or come hone down on your flying skills, to usage for practice before trying the end the an ext expensive drones.