so far I have met monsters that would certainly respawn up to 3 time after gaining HP to 0 (four men in graveyard)

these men seen come respawn indefinitely, I have killed one around 10 times... And he simply re shows up again and also again...

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How to kill Cursed Revenants in Arx burning building?


Ok therefore the cheat is to remove all the burn surfaces indigenous the building because they can only respawn there...

Get tornado assignment (Aero 3), it clears cursed fire surfaces, so prior to fights simply \"clean\" the room and it will certainly be a cake...

Also first give bless to all of your team and also have resource points ready.

I went phibìc to Northeast ar of building first ad cleared it all. Then you obtain to fight all 4 of lock in the south part that is closer to the entrance..

Go come the 2nd floor and also use tornado or bless the soil under the guy and cast rain... Then just kill him, if he makes new necrofire surfaces address them very first then rinse and repeat

I have likewise made a video...



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