‘The decaying is offline due to the fact that of a policy set by an administrator’ error blog post relates to mountain policy.

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Here at tastecraftedmcd.com, we have seen several such Windows-related errors as part of ours Server monitoring Services for net hosts and also online service providers.

Today we’ll take it a look at the equipment for this disc problem.

‘The decaying is offline due to the fact that of policy set by one administrator’ – Why go this happen

The error appears as below.

Offline (The disc is offline due to the fact that of a policy collection by one administrator).This error is greatly related come the SAN policy that appeared in windows Server 2008. Also, this plan controls the automatically mounting of outside disks and also is offered to safeguard shared disks available to multiple servers at once.

By default, the Offline common (VDS_SP_OFFLINE_SHARED) plan is supplied for all san disks on windows Server.

However, us can readjust your SAN plan to OnlineAll making use of Diskpart.

How we resolve the worry when the disk is offline because of Policy collection by one Administrator

Recently, we came throughout a trouble where among the servers to run on home windows Server 2016 was obtaining offline after each restart.

This disk was an additional disk that was associated as a mountain LUN over FC. Let’s see how our Support engineers resolve this problem.

First, we opened up the Disk administration console (diskmgmt.msc) and could view that this decaying is in an Offline state.

In stimulate to make the disk accessible in Windows, us right-click top top it and also hit the online button. But we had actually to execute this after each restart. However, this doesn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in feasible.


As this error relates to mountain Policy, let’s readjust it using the Diskpart.

1. First, we open the command prompt together administrator and run the diskpart. In diskpart context, we display screen the existing SAN policy:

DISKPART> sanSAN policy : Offline Shared2. Then we readjust the mountain Policy:

DISKPART> mountain policy=OnlineAll3. Then we view the present policy again:

DISKPART> sanSAN policy : digital All4. After that, we pick the decaying (in ours example, the disk index is 2):

DISKPART> select disk 25. We can also view the attributes.

DISKPART> qualities disk6. Also, we ensure the the Read-Only attribute is not enabled. If that is, then us disable it. Otherwise, once trying to write something on the disk, us will watch this message: “The disc is write protected”:

DISKPART> characteristics disk clean readonly7. Then we take the disk online:

DISKPART> virtual diskDiskPart effectively onlined the selected disk8. Finally, we close diskpart and restart the server and also make certain that the decaying is available after boot.

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In short, this error relates to mountain Policy. Today, us saw exactly how our Support engineers resolve this home windows error.