Donald trump card may have actually lived in the presidential pad because that over a year now, however we bet you didn"t recognize these fascinating facts around the well known building

IT'S among the most famed addresses in the civilization for an excellent reason - the is the residence and also workplace of the president of the unified States.

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Donald Trump and his family at this time live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and you might be surprised by this facts.


Alongside the situation Room, wherein the president meets his advisors throughout a crisis, there is a mini mall beneath the building.

It houses a flower shop, a carpenter’s shop and also a dental surgical procedure so the chairman doesn’t have to leave the building to acquire a filling.

There is also a bowling alley set up by president Nixon in 1969.


Ronald and Nancy Reagan settle down because that a TV dinner however meals are chargedCredit: Alamy

It wasn't constantly 'The White House'

Although that was always informally referred to as the White House because 1811, it only acquired its officially title critical century.

Teddy Roosevelt had actually it officially named in 1901, and also before that it was recognized by various names such as President's Palace and the executive Mansion.

There’s no such thing as a cost-free lunch

An executive chef and also a team of tastecraftedmcd.comoks are on hand to feed the very first Family, however they still have to pay.

At the end of every month, the chairman receives a invoice for his and his family’s an individual food and also expenses consisting of dry cleaning, toothpaste, and also toiletries.

The money is then taken indigenous his £300,000 yearly salary.

There’s a tastecraftedmcd.comde word because that sex v the first Lady

It’s hard to be alone in The White House, however if Donald wants some private time through Melania yes sir a special mystery Service tastecraftedmcd.comde.

President Obama was recognize as “Renegade”, Michelle Obama as “Renaissance” and also the tastecraftedmcd.comde for having actually sex to be “discussing the Bosnian problem” together in “Renegade can not be disturbed appropriate now. He and Renaissance are stating the Bosnian problem.”


Donald and also Melania may have actually to talk about the 'Bosnian problem' to obtain time aloneCredit: Reuters

It’s haunted by the ghost of a previous President

British prime Minister Winston Churchill refused to remain in the Lintastecraftedmcd.comln Bedroom after claiming Abraham Lintastecraftedmcd.comln's ghost showed up to him next to the fireplace together he stepped the end of the restroom naked.

FDR readjusted it forever

Wheelchair-bound chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt moved in in 1933 and had the whole building adapted.

It became one that the very first wheelchair-friendly government buildings in Washington, DC.

It's the just private head of state residence that is open up to the public for free

As lengthy as girlfriend book, you deserve to have a tourism of the White home - so well worth a pilgrimage if you ever before visit Washington, then.

Requests deserve to be submitted up to 3 months in advance, so make certain you arrangement ahead to prevent disappointment.


Credit: Alamy

The style is based on the Dublin mansion Leinster House

There’s one more one in Ireland

The White residence was design by Irish-born architect James Hoban, that won a tastecraftedmcd.commpetition in 1792.

He based the architecture on a Leinster residence in Dublin.

The electricity scared one an initial Family

The White House got electricity during Benjamin Harrison’s presidency in 1891, however his family was so scared of emotional the switches that they left the lights on every night.

LBJ had the ultimate power shower

Lyndon B. Johnson to be so obsessed with obtaining a state the the art shower that his plumber had a nervous breakdown.

Actastecraftedmcd.comrding come a publication by Kate Anderson Brower, the shower had water charging the end of multiple nozzles with a powerful force.

“One nozzle was pointed straight at his penis, which he nicknamed “Jumbo,” and another shot appropriate up the rear."

When Richard Nixon witnessed the shower after acquisition office in 1969 he took one look and also said: "Get rid of this stuff."


Bill Clinton liked a soak

Hillary’s hubby had actually a seven-seater hot tub installed while he remained in office.

The relocate is end in 12 hours

The White house staff have actually just a 12 hour home window to move the President’s family members in.

They start at noon and have come unpack and arrange all furniture and an individual items, clean and also tidy up prior to midnight.

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The chairman tastecraftedmcd.comordinates the change-over using private movers.

Donald Trump claims he"s a "genius" and "like yes, really smart" in an answer to accusations the is mentally not suitable to run the White House
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