Check out exactly how to tell if someone blocked you top top Discord and likewise how come block someone on Discord v these easy steps.

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Discord is a social room that allows you attach with your friends, her team, or various other like-minded people. Discord has features similar to other chat platforms, but also enables all the civilization who share her server come ping friend directly.

It might happen, though, that you"re annoyed at someone who"s text massage you and don"t want to receive their messages anymore. The other way round is also a possibility, someone can have blocked you.

To make it easy for girlfriend to determine these scenarios, we’ve put together basic points on just how to phone call if someone clogged you top top Discord and likewise how come block someone on Discord.


How come tell if someone clogged you on Discord

You deserve to tell if someone blocked you on Discord through the in-built ‘Clyde’ bot and also through blog post reactions. We have elaborated ~ above both methods below.

Tell if someone clogged you ~ above Discord utilizing Clyde bot

Clyde bot is an official bot the is by default incorporated into Discord, and notifies you about any unresponsive actions the you perform. (You deserve to see Clyde top top the Discord logo as well).

If you try messaging someone who has blocked you on Discord, the Clyde bot will certainly send girlfriend the complying with message:

Your message could not be delivered due to the fact that you nothing share a server with the receiver or you disabled direct messages on your mutual server, the recipient is only accepting straight messages native friends, or girlfriend were clogged by the recipient.

The Clyde bot doesn"t straight tell you that the reason is that you"ve to be blocked, but gives a variety of reasons why the message might not have actually been delivered. This method of telling that someone has actually blocked friend on Discord isn"t the many reliable, as it will additionally show up if the user has actually disabled the "Anyone deserve to message" option.

On Android or iOS, this will show as a simple error message, not specifying the it"s native Clyde.


Tell if someone clogged you top top Discord using article reactions

A an ext reliable yet unpopular way of telling if someone has actually blocked friend on Discord is by using post reactions.

In the typical server, react to the person"s message. Her reaction will appear if the user hasn"t blocked you. If they have, though, the reaction won"t appear. You will see a slight vibration in her screen.

On a cell phone device, friend will gain an alert speak "Reaction blocked" once you try to reaction to the user"s message.


How come block who on Discord

How come block someone on Discord using pc or Mac

To block someone on Discord on pc or Mac, open up the Discord server, and also right-click ~ above the person"s name.

A menu will appear when you perform so. Here, select "Block".


A confirmation blog post asking if you"re certain you want to block them will certainly appear. Check this by selecting "Block" again.


all the message in your server indigenous this human being will disappear on your screen.

How to block who on Discord utilizing iPhone or Android devices

When using the Discord cell phone app, insanity the profile picture of the human you wish to block.

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A food selection will open up on law so. Click the 3 dots at the top corner of this menu.


select "Block." friend will get a check alert saying the the user has actually been blocked.


On prevent the person, they will certainly be eliminated from her friends" list, and also all their messages in the server girlfriend share with them will certainly be hidden. If you want to watch their message after prevent them, you can do therefore by picking the "Show message" switch on your desktop computer or "Blocked messages" tab ~ above the cell phone app.

The user you"ve blocked will not be able to ping friend or ‘
’ cite your username in mutual servers. They will obtain the error article as told in the an initial section if they do shot to message you.

However, the human whom you"ve blocked will be able to see as soon as you room online, and also read her messages.