Get limitless visits in 2021 & 2022 come Cedar point and Cedar suggest Shores, free parking, to exclude, discounts and more.

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There"s a location where the insight Lake Erie coast meets a distinct skyline. That place is Cedar Point, and there is so much to offer. Begin planning your next vacation now!

Play your way and save over 30% ~ above tickets once you publication a ticket package. Join as low as $29/day through a three-day package.

From the top & Treats food tasting tourism to dining v the monster at Night the the life Fed, your soul (and stomach) will certainly be filled!

Learn necessary information because that what come do prior to you leave home, what you’ll see and also experience when you arrive, and also how to make the many of her visit—safely—while she here.

Family-friendly delights and evening frights space BACK! If you’re in search of things do to because that Halloween, Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends is the location to be. Choose days and nights Sept. 17 - Oct. 31.
Cleveland Hopkins international Airport

Approximately 55 miles from Sandusky, Cleveland Hopkins global Airport (CLE) handles an ext than 2,200 flights weekly to around 80 destinations.

Directions come Cedar suggest from Cleveland Hopkins:West ~ above I-480,West top top I-80 to exit 118 (Sandusky),Turn ideal onto united state 250,Follow the indications to Cedar Point

Toledo to express Airport

Approximately 65 miles from Sandusky

Directions to Cedar point from Toledo Express:East top top I-80/I-90 to exit 110(Sandusky),Turn left onto five 4,Follow the indicators to Cedar Point.

Erie Ottawa international Airport

Approximately 15 mile from Sandusky

Airport management, Aviation fuel, aircraft parking ( ramp or tie down), Hangars, Passenger terminal lounge with snacks and beverages. Trip school/training, plane rental, Aerial tours/aerial sightseeing, aircraft maintenance, Aviation accessories, Pilot supplies, Rental cars, Courtesy transportation, Courtesy cars (free for Pilots to use in the regional area), pilot’s lounge/snooze room, publicly telephone, computerized weather, internet access, and public restrooms.

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Sandusky County regional Airport

Airport Management, Aviation fuel, plane parking (ramp or tiedown), Hangars, Passenger terminal and also lounge, flight school/Flight training, plane rental, Aerial tours/aerial sightseeing, plane charters, aircraft maintenance, Aviation accessories, Pilot supplies, Rental cars, Courtesy transportation, Courtesy dare (free because that pilots to use in the local area), pilot"s lounge/snooze room, public telephone, computerized weather, web access, rest rooms and also showers. Sandusky County regional Airport is a 25-30 minute journey from Cedar Point.