I am trial and error it on one participant, through 47 dates (source localized), each date of 10 seconds lengthy (512 Hz samples). To run Amplitude Envelope Correlation (N x N) works and provides no error, but to rate up the process, ns would prefer to run the exact same evaluation but v the parallel processing detailed in the Envelope Correlation N x N (2020).

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My knowledge is that the "Estimation window length" need to equal come the "Time Window" if I desire to produce the same results as the Amplitude Envelope Correlation (N x N).

But as soon as trying to carry out so, ns am running into the adhering to error:

** Error: Connectivity > Envelope Correlation NxN (2020)** heat 23: cat** size of arrays being concatenated space not consistent.**** speak to stack:** >process_henv1n.m in ~ 23** >bst_process.m>Run at 230** >bst_process.m in ~ 37** >panel_process1.m>RunProcess in ~ 124** >panel_process1.m in ~ 26** >gui_brainstorm.m>CreateWindow/ProcessRun_Callback in ~ 768** >bst_call.m at 28** >gui_brainstorm.m>
ProcessRun_Callback) in ~ 292****

Below is my GUI setup:


Any help with this would certainly be substantially appreciated.

My knowledge is that the "Estimation home window length" should equal to the "Time Window" if I want to develop the same outcomes as the Amplitude Envelope Correlation (N x N).

This probably results in gigantic files produced in memory, and also maybe output papers with one unnecessarily high frequency resolutions. Have actually you do the efforts with shorter epochs?

I to be running into the following error

I can not blee the error girlfriend reported with the options shown in your screen capture.Could you please share an instance dataset therefore that we can first reproduce this error?

Right-click on the subject > document > Duplicate subjectIn the copied subject, keep just the documents that are essential to give birth the error:In the anatomy: the MRI, the cortex surface you offered for the resource estimationIn the sensible data: the channel file, two data papers + the reverse kernel (or + the associated resource maps if they space not links)Make sure you deserve to replicate the error with this minimalist setupRight-click ~ above the subject > document > ExportUpload the .zip document somewhere and also post the download attach here

Raymundo.CassaniDo you check out any mix of inputs that can cause problem?

Hi Francois,

Thank you for the response.

I have tried shortening the dates down come 2 seconds, and also still run into the error.

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I likewise shortened "Estimation home window Length" indigenous 10000 down to 1000, in procedures of 1000. Only once I reached 1000, did it work. However, due to the fact that I"m trying to create the exact same outcomes as Amplitude Envelope Correlation (N x N), as in only interested in revolution AEC through Hilbert Transform, I adhered to this short article by Hossein, which if I"m expertise the last part of it, "Estimation home window Length" have to equal the whole "Time Window" for what ns am trying to do. Or is "Estimation home window Length" not taken into consideration at every when picking "Static" (this was my very first thought)?

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Proxima The two attributes (Amplitude Envelope Correlation and also Envelope Correlation 2020) use the same article as the recommendation to compute the amplitude envelope correlation. Https://www.nature.com/articles/nn.3101 However, the 2020 duty has much more features consisting of the capacity to compute the frequency domain by Morlet wavelet, separating the large data into smaller pieces, using the Parallel processing Toolbox, calculating various other connectivity measures, and employing moving average home window for…

Please discover the link listed below with the example dataset. The error to be replicated through this too (just the 2 data files).