In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, ABI stat for Digivolution is particularly important. Friend should rise the ABI stat for several reasons. In addition to the trophies, unlock it by maximizing the ABI stat, you have the right to level up your Digimon come a Champion, ultra- or even Mega Level through a details ABI. The digitations advantages depend on the ABI value and also there room 240 Digimons in the game that should be accumulated in order to fight various other Digimon.

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With a formula you can calculate how countless points you have the right to allocate to her Digimon ~ above the DigiFarm. This formula is affected by the capability of your Digimon. The formula is: Cyber Sleuth boosts the ABI stat of your Digimon to the maximum level 100, you have the right to assign 100 bonus Stats: 50 clues + ABI ÷ Digimon Story 2. The ABI value boosts do not just through the levels. Over there are 4 methods space available, v which you can increase the ABI:
On the DigiFarm you can feed your Digimon with fruits. However, there appears to it is in no special rules the the increase in the ABI worth follows. Native time come time the capability rises. Girlfriend can also feed them v Miracle Meat. The items is rare, but increases the ability permanently by ten points.
The disadvantage that this technique is the rarity of wonder Meat. After the an initial pass of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth you have the right to buy the item for 1,000,000 yen in DigiLab. In addition, girlfriend can find Miracle Meat once on the 4th floor in Kowloo. This is located in a crate to which friend get accessibility only when you defeated Flamedramon.

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In addition to this method, you can increase the ABI worth of her Digimon if girlfriend digivolve that or let re-digivolve. The capacity increases when the level of your Digimon is higher. So you should an initial bring her Digimon come a brand-new level and also then increase the ABI stat. If her Digimon still a fairly low level, that requires less EP come re-digivolve order.
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