I"ve tried to crouch previous them or in in between them however they"re exceptionally sensitive and I don"t think that"s a possibility. Shooting them sets them off without me obtaining killed but it"s alarming to the poor males nearby and also that"s not good - it is a last resort if I require it. Is tbelow an additional method to disable or get past these mines without setting them off?


It"s not hard at all if you take these procedures. In fact, if you execute the adhering to you can not even collection them off accidentally (unless you jump or knock something over).

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Press Caps Lock, or whatever before vital you"ve mapped for "Toggle Walk", to switch from quick movement to sluggish motion.


Shuffle over to the mine while crouched.

Highlight the mine.

Press whatever crucial you"ve mapped to "activate object". This willdisable the mine.

If you desire to take the mine, "activate object" again.


I cannot find a means to disable mines either. In that spot, I picked up a barrel and also threw it dvery own the hall to safely create all the mines. This will certainly alert most civilization, but.


The solution to disabling mines is to walk incredibly slowly (as gradually as feasible, then slower). You"ll have the ability to disable and also pick up the mine for placement/selling later on.

You might likewise disable them using explosion (see


I just shot them. It "alarms" people, yet they get over it, and also it doesn"t count as being "detected". I habitually alarm people in order to attract them ameans from their friends so I deserve to put the beat dvery own on them.

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I tried sneaking up on them a pair of times, however it didn"t work-related worth a damn for me...I think partly bereason I didn"t realize tbelow was a mine versus the wall I was trying to sneak from. If you"re going to sneak through this little bit, go all the way to the dead end on the right, and continue from there. That can work-related better.


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