DESTINY has actually launched the Festival that the lost update. To aid you navigate Bungie"s Halloween makeover, here"s a handy guide with tips, tricks and secrets.

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Destiny Festival the the lost 2016: ours handy guide is filled v tips, tricks and secrets (Image: Bungie) DESTINY FESTIVAL the THE LOST: How to gain the Broom Sparrow

The Destiny: rise of stole Halloween themed Festival of the Lost event is now live and one of the much more excentric new items you can claim is the 'broom sparrow'.

Destiny YouTuber Arekkz has put with each other a handy overview to aid you know howGuardians can gain their mits top top this among a kind sparrow.

Those spring to obtain the flying broom tastecraftedmcd.comntained in the Destiny: climb of iron Halloween occasion will untastecraftedmcd.comver instructions on whereby to distastecraftedmcd.comver it in the YouTube video clip beiow.

However, we've likewise got a fast step-by-step instructions listed below to help guide you without watching the clip:


Bungie released the Destiny Festival that the shed update this morning and also following the disclose of the games patch notes, Bungie have actually now exit a tastecraftedmcd.commplete guide to assist Guardians that missed out on the an initial Festival of the lost last year.

"Prince, Wolf, iron Lord, Ghost: that will girlfriend be, this Festival?" reads a Bungie statement.

"Your paper Glue has dried to silver Dust, and Masks are now yours to keep. tastecraftedmcd.comllect both old and new Masks by tastecraftedmcd.commpleting Quests and opening treasures of the Lost.

"Try new tastecraftedmcd.comnsumables to get the visage the a Jackolyte or spawn as one Engram.

"Alter your negative Juju’s aura with new Ornaments. Bring your Ghost into the celebration event with distinct Festival shells. All this and also more, obtainable through the Eververse store."

Festival the the lost players can unlock masks by perfect missions, and can also find brand-new items.

Everything they need to know to obtain started deserve to be distastecraftedmcd.comvered below, yet you deserve to be sure we'll store updating together we distastecraftedmcd.comver much more secrets play the game.

Festival the the shed 2016 introduce several new features, several of which will certainly remain available after the occasion has ended.

New quests - there are new Quests available during Festival the the Lost. These Quests need to be began while the occasion is active and should be tastecraftedmcd.commpleted before the finish of Festival that the shed to ensure players get their rewards.

New Festival-themed item - There space several new Festival-themed items tastecraftedmcd.comme earn v gameplay or acquisition from the Eververse trading Store. This items might only be earned or purchased while the Festival the the Lost event is active.

New and Returning Masks - This year's Festival that the shed introduces new Masks that deserve to be obtained through gameplay or native purchasing treasures of the shed from the Eververse tastecraftedmcd.commmerce Store. Number of of the Masks introduced in Festival the the shed 2015 room also accessible to earn with gameplay or from purchasing treasures of the Lost. The Blue Skull Mask from Festival the the shed 2015 is not accessible to knife or purchase.

Holiday Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection - A new Holiday Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection is now obtainable in Tower North close to the Emblem tastecraftedmcd.comllection. Previously gained Masks can now be reclaimed native the vacation Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection. For much more information, tastecraftedmcd.comnsisting of information ~ above the location of the tastecraftedmcd.comllection, please watch our Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection guide.


Destiny Festival of the shed introduces loads of new Halloween themed look at (Image: Bungie)

Eva Levante, the Guardian Outfitter in the Tower North, will certainly be selling several Festival the the lost items in exchange for full Candy Satchels.

Empty candy Satchel - Players have the right to receive one Empty candy Satchel native Eva Levante and can organize one candy Satchel (Full or Empty) in your Inventory in ~ a time.

Filling the Satchel - Players deserve to fill their Empty candy Satchel by defeating enemies and also earning death in the Crucible when wearing a Festival the the lost Mask.

Gifts the the lost - full Candy Satchels deserve to be provided to acquisition a Mask or a gifts of the Lost mystery Bag native Eva Levante. This an enig Bag includes a randomized assortment of tastecraftedmcd.comsmetic tastecraftedmcd.comnsumable items and a Festival-themed Shader. Players have the right to view the tastecraftedmcd.commplete list of guarantee and feasible rewards for gifts of the shed by making use of the Preview button.

Tess Everis will certainly be offering Festival-themed items throughout Festival the the shed at the Eververse trading Store. These items deserve to be purchased while the event is active from any kind of of the Eververse storefront places in the Tower, the Reef, or the iron Temple.

New and also Returning Festival Emotes - The Festival the the shed 2016 introduces new Festival-themed Emotes that have the right to be purchased straight from the Eververse trading Store. Number of of the Emotes indigenous Festival that the lost 2015 room also easily accessible for straight purchase indigenous Eververse trade

Treasures of the lost - Eververse trading Is when again supplying the prizes of the Lost an enig Bag article while the Festival that the Lost occasion is active. This an enig Bag tastecraftedmcd.comntains a randomized assortment of Festival the the shed items, including Masks, Ghosts, tastecraftedmcd.comsmetic tastecraftedmcd.comnsumable items, and also a Sparrow. Players deserve to view the tastecraftedmcd.commplete list of guarantee and possible rewards for treasures of the lost by making use of the Preview button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Emotes that have been straight purchased indigenous Eververse trading Are eligible for a 15 minute return period before the acquisition betastecraftedmcd.commes final. Every tastecraftedmcd.comnsumables. Mystery Bags, or Eververse items received from them are NOT standard for an object return. For much more information, please watch our Silver and Eververse Guided Support.


Destiny Festival that the Lost has plenty of new items accessible (Image: Bungie)

Below is a perform of an important Information players might need tastecraftedmcd.comme know.

Participation Requirements: every players top top the playstations 4 and also Xbox One tastecraftedmcd.comnsoles are eligible to get involved in Festival the the Lost. However, part Festival of the lost Quests need players to tastecraftedmcd.commplete tastecraftedmcd.comntent that deserve to only it is in accessed if they own Destiny: The take away King or Destiny: climb of Iron.

Limited Time Event: Festival of the shed is a limited-time live event. Part activities, Quests, and items easily accessible during the event may no much longer be easily accessible to tastecraftedmcd.commplete or use as soon as the occasion has ended.

Exotic Weapon Ornaments: throughout Festival the the Lost, the Exotic Weapon ornaments for negative Juju deserve to be gained by opening prizes of the shed which are purchased native Eververse trading After ~ the Festival that the Lost event has tastecraftedmcd.comncluded, the Exotic Weapon accessories for poor Juju will be easily accessible to be obtained by opening Radiant prizes as explained in the materials tooltip in the weapon preview for poor Juju.

Holiday item tastecraftedmcd.comllection: at the start of 2.4.1, the Masks easily accessible to be reacquired through the vacation Item repertoire were based upon the Masks that a player had in your Inventory or Vault. If a Mask to be deleted prior to this, the Mask will not be available to reacquire with the repertoire until the player receives the Mask again through gameplay or purchase of a endowment of the lost from the Eververse tastecraftedmcd.commmerce Store. For much more information, please view our Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection guide.

Duplicate Masks: If players obtain a duplicate of one of the Masks they currently have in their Inventory or unlocked in the holiday Item tastecraftedmcd.comllection, lock will get a duplicate that deserve to be dismantled into Silver Dust. Duplicate Masks have the right to be equipped and used like various other Masks. The tooltip that a duplicate Mask mirrors the Dismantle option. Masks that are not duplicates, will display screen the Scrap option in the tooltip and also will not approve Silver Dust or other products when scrapped.

Treasures of the Lost: Players may only purchase brand-new Treasures the the lost items when the Festival the the Lost occasion is active. ~ the occasion has ended, this items will certainly be removed from the Eververse tastecraftedmcd.commmerce Store, but any kind of Treasures the the shed that space still in a player's Inventory will certainly still be obtainable to it is in opened.

tastecraftedmcd.comnsumable tastecraftedmcd.comsmetic Items: only one tastecraftedmcd.comnsumable tastecraftedmcd.comsmetics item deserve to be visible on a personality at a time. If multiple tastecraftedmcd.comsmetic tastecraftedmcd.comnsumables are applied to a Character, only one of the tastecraftedmcd.comsmetic effects will be visible.

Festival that the shed 2015: Rare and temporary items native Festival of the lost 2015 were gotten rid of from player Inventories v Update 2.4.1 together they are no much longer applicable to any in-game events. This tastecraftedmcd.comntained items such as Rare quality Masks, file Glue, and retastecraftedmcd.comrd Scraps. For much more information on this items and also last year's live event, please view the Festival of the shed 2015 Guided Support.

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Sparrow Horn Relays: After upgrade 2.4.1, the rare and temporary Sparrow Horn Relay items from Sparrow Racing organization are no longer able to be supplied as they space no longer applicable to any type of in-game events. Horn Relays from the 2015 Sparrow gyeongju League event can safely be discarded.