When we’re talking about the biggest manufacturers in the laptop market, climate Dell automatically spring come mind. They’ve been one of the best laptop brands in the tech world for a while, and also their signature range is the Dell XPS series.

It’s a typically well thought of and also respected laptop, and it’s up there with the premium laptop computers out there. But in recent years, we’ve seen an ext competitors being released.

One that the newer models that many human being compare through the optimal brands is the Huawei Matebook range, v the Matebook X pro being among the much more premium releases native this series.

But just how does this version compare against the Dell XPS 13? Well, that’s what we’re walk to compare now.

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Huawei Matebook X pro vs Dell XPS 13

The key difference in between these two laptops is going come come in their cost. Lock both represent the premium line of laptop computers each brand needs to offer.

The Dell XPS is reasonably pricey, despite it is made come a an extremely high quality. The Huawei Matebook X agree is actually relatively young in comparison to Dell’s XPS series, however for a first attempt in ~ a high finish laptop from Huawei, it’s exceptional in its own right.

With both laptops tending to be comprised of the same materials (Intel processors etc), it can be tough to tell in between them. We’re going come narrow under on every model and also see what they need to offer. This is based on the 16GB design that was released previously in the year.

Dell XPS 13

SaleBestseller No. 1

Dell XPS 13 9305 13.3 customs FHD Laptop 11th Gen Intel core i5-1135G7, InfinityEdge Display, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, windows 10 Home, silver-
With new 11th Gen Intel core processors, an ext cores means increased performance.; reap a display that seems unlimited with an InfinityEdge border.

The Dell XPS is the much more expensive the these two laptops, however it’s additionally going to it is in the much better quality option too. Over there are plenty of different sport of the XPS, consisting of the 7390 and the 9380 too, i beg your pardon are few of the more recent models that have been released. But for now, we’re just looking at the XPS 13.

As shortly as you open up the XPS 13, you’ll have the ability to feel that is quality merely by hold its aluminium chassis. The screen is good, however unlike the us version that the XPS, the doesn’t have a touch display for you come use. You can upgrade to a 4K screen for a couple of hundred pounds more, too.

The trackpad is surrounding by a carbon fibre palm rest, and also the surface ar is fully anodized, which help to make it much more scratch resistant. The trackpad and also keyboard room actually quite raised up together well, which provides it less complicated for you to type and navigate.

In terms of use, ns think the keyboard matches any type of other challenger out there right currently in terms of performance. They’re an extremely shallow with simply a 1mm travel, and also the key-board is made to be really quiet, which is a nice adjust of pace from using a Macbook.

Although this laptop is only 13 inch in size, it actually provides the most of this through its huge screen ratio. It has a tiny in developed webcam, yet it is made come a an extremely high standard. So if you’re trying to find a good laptop for video-calling (most of us space nowadays), this might be a wise choice.

You have the right to buy this laptop with 8GB that RAM, however it’s probably much better to opt because that the 16GB release which will give you a much more powerful laptop and also a better overall experience.

We’re start a duration over the next few years whereby 8GB will likely be phased the end by Dell, Apple and the others in favour that a more powerful 16GB laptop. You’ll likely notification the difference automatically when you open up up many programs simultaneously.

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If you’ve not owned a premium laptop before, then this would certainly make a perfect very first choice – it’s certainly on par v the Macbook Pro and the Lenovo Thinkpad, which are really the key players the this laptop has to complete with best now.