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I say each yearGets much better than the last yearWe going all out this yearI require everybody's sizesDon't issue 'bout meGot plenty of product thingsGot my brothers, acquired my sisters, gained my teamAll I require is my familyI say, I say my previous ain't favor my presenceMomma come downstairs, open up your presentsWorkin' all them hrs tryna make it specialI was ungrateful, I ain't recognize no betterAll I really desire for Christmas is youAll I really want for Christmas is youAll I really desire for Christmas is youAll I really desire for Christmas is youLife ain't tied with a bow however it's still a giftThen hit the club and also make it rain, I ain't talking deerAnd all I wanted for Christmas was to be hereNow I'm hoping I might spfinish it via you this yearGod bless me with a talent, gotta make it happenYou check out this rap shit is my gift, I gotta unwrap itAnd I know that I've been naughtyBut I just desire you to stand also by meAnd I just want to go all the wayCausage when I'm with you it’s a holidayThere’s no various other place I’d quite beThan right below with my familyAnd it feels so good to be freeYou all I really want
All I really want for Christmas is youAll I really want for Christmas is youAll I really desire for Christmas is youAll I really want for Christmas is youIt's snowing outsideMiss the days once it provided to be as much as my thighsMan I miss my baby, wanna spend some timeSometimes I feel favor we simply live to dieThat's why I'm so grateful, lord I'm breathingI won't be complaining, and don't you eitherEggnog drinking, sleigh bells ringingSanta I wish you can carry earlier some of my peopleNah, foractual. I remember those Christmas mornings man. Waking up and also going downstairs and also I ain't gon' lie, I provided to be ungrateful, I was an extremely ungrateful boy. I used to cry eexceptionally Christmas cause I didn't gain the Mikes. I don't understand what it was around the Christmas Mikes, my mom just wouldn't get 'em. Like, I don't know man, it was crazy. Causage I provided to get everything else, choose, I supplied to gain all the other shoes. But she simply didn't obtain the Christmas Mikes. And, you understand, you gotta walk ago in school through the fresh Mikes on at the height of the year. So I offered to be mad upset. But currently looking ago male, I'm so appreciative guy, you know. You can't take those kinds of things for granted. Family indicates whatever. Christmas is even more than simply about, you understand, gifts. Celebrate yourself, celebprice your family, your friends.

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And the ones who stand by you every day. Merry Christmas