During your adventure v the fortune City, you will encounter numerous NPC survivors hiding at the details locations. Saving these survivors will certainly reward you v weapon combo cards. Over there is also an success for conserving all these survivors, which renders saving this NPCs worth the effort.

Dead increasing 2: off The record Survivors

These are the survivors in Dead rising 2: off The Record. Girlfriend can find in the mentioned locations and lead them come safety. They will reward you as soon as you have reached the for sure zone.

KeyName (Age) (Reward)

Lashawndra (30) (10k PP)She is standing on top of the bar, just next to the first safe room. Go to her and lead she to the safety. (4 come 6 am)

Denyce (21) (10k PP)She is within the pharmacy.

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Gordon (34) (10k PP)The Casual Gals store, he is next to the counter…crying. Talk to him and also lead him in the direction of safety.

Bill (54) (20k PP)Once friend hear around the guy playing slots, go to the American Casino and you will uncover him. Although friend will need to spend $25k of yours. This will additionally unlock a Bouncin beauty, beauty Combo Card.

Kenneth (54) (16k PP)He is in the Palisades shopping center – the Shanks hunting Shop. The is with Jack and you have the right to go to him after you obtain the call. This will additionally unlock the electric Chair Combo Card.

Bill (26) (16k PP)He is additionally where Kenneth was and you deserve to reach him after you gain the call. It unlocks the electrical Chair Combo Card.

Kristin (28) (10k PP)Right after girlfriend hear notice from Stacy, a room which to be locked prior to in the Americana Casino will acquire unlocked. Kristin is within this room. Choose her up and also take her to safety.

John (28) (12k PP), Bryan (28) (12k), Curtis (28) (12k), Kevin (28) (12k)All the these personalities are at the very same Location, you room told around this place by Stacy in the second chapter.

For more help ~ above Dead rising 2: turn off The Record, check out our Walkthrough.


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