When called upon by the chairman of the United says to conserve the civilization from Halley's Comet, Davy Crockett hops top top his bear, death Hug, and also races into action.

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In this two-million-mile tall story (praised come the skies by nationwide Public Radio commentator and also children"s book author Daniel Pinkwater), famous American frontiersman Davy Crockett saves the planet, is elected to Congress, and gets the girl and also a coonskin cap. Rosalyn Schanzer"s outrageous story was motivated by a collection of 19th-century comic almanacs about Crockett, source of wildly embellished legend: "Why, Davy can whip ten times his weight in wildcats and also drink the Mississippi flow dry." Here, Davy Crockett is called upon through the president to wring the tail turn off Halley"s comet--"the biggest, baddest sphere of fire and ice and also brimstone ever to irradiate up the heavens"--which is hurling itself towards America. One look in ~ Davy, through his chiseled face and also gigantic muscle bursting out of his buckskins, and also the leader will know the comet hasn"t acquired a chance. Schanzer, who love the American background is additionally revealed in how We overcome the West and also Gold Fever!, has actually a mighty tight on the folksy language and also rhythm that the tall tale. ~ all, "every single word is true, unless it is false." (Ages 5 to 9) --Emilie Coulter

From Publishers Weekly:

Schanzer (Gold Fever!) raids the annals of American background once again, emerging with a feisty high tale influenced by the Davy Crockett almanacs published in the 19th century. Assuring readers the "every solitary word is true, unless it is false," she spins a rollicking yarn of exactly how Crockett (who could "whip ten time his weight in wildcats and also drink the Mississippi flow dry") conserves the human being from a destructive collision with Halley"s Comet. Deep in the woods v his pets bear, death Hug, Crockett is bending on wooing "purty" Sally Sugartree, unaware that the president has actually advertised because that his help to reign in the comet. Once Crockett finds out he"s needed, he"s turn off "like a high-powered hurrycane," climbing come the height of a high mountain and also leaping onto the comet. In the end, a triumphant Crockett gets both the girl and his coonskin cap (to sheathe what"s left that his comet-singed hair). Schanzer"s lickety-split pace and picaresque prose space equal components swagger and also sass, and her vibrant, color-drenched paintings extend the spirited tone. Mindful attention to comic detail and visual echoes of the genre"s hallmark exaggeration (Crockett, for instance, has actually the chiseled-jaw and popping muscle of a Disney hero) structure this zesty slice of Americana admirably.

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