Life is complicated! psychic how simple life was as a kid? Let"s go ago with singer David Dunn to a child-like faith, where life and love and also belief were simpler.

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Here is David through a cool official music video clip for his song, "I Wanna go Back"!

As declared in CCM Magazine, As inspirational as David Dunn’s music has actually proven to be, the BEC Recordings artist has never composed songs favor the ones on his latest, Yellow Balloons (buy). The release contains a picture of his feelings and experiences native the last two years, a season filled v pain and suffering, fear and also questions ~ the unexpected death of his two-year-old niece. At together a memorial service, yellow balloons are often released to signify hope in the middle of such dark times.

Dunn admits he’s a little bit nervous to relax these brand-new songs, unsure of what pan of his last release, Crystal Clear (buy), could think.

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They are fragile songs, persons that lack a clean, neat ending that he wanted to add. Fortunately the songs the are below resonate v an emotional power that invites others to share the experience.

"I Wanna go Back" Lyrics:

When ns was a kidI to be sureI might run throughout the oceanAnd i was gonna be an astronaut

When it to be You and also it to be meI had every little thing I neededFaith could even move a mountain top

And climate I prospered upAnd climate I acquired olderThen my life obtained toughAnd we thrived apart

I wanna walk backTo Jesus loves me this i knowFor the holy bible tells meFor the scriptures tells me soI wanna walk backTo this small lightGonna let it shineGonna let it shineI wanna go back

When ns was a kidI didn’t treatment to keep up v the JonesesI was just happy that they lived following door

When it was You and also it was meI had whatever I neededYour hand were huge enough to host the world

And then I flourished upAnd then I got olderThen my life got toughAnd we flourished apart

I wanna go backTo Jesus loves me this i knowFor the bible tells meFor the holy bible tells me soI wanna walk backTo this small lightGonna let it shineGonna let that shineI wanna walk back