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“Leave This Town: The B-Sides” is an EP exit on march 15, 2010, to iTunes.

Listening come these six tracks, it’s hard to believe they were left off. The top quality is there.

The personnel is kris Daughtry on command vocals and also rhythm guitar, mock Steely on lead guitar,Brian Craddock on rhythm guitar, mockery Paul on base guitar and Robin Diaz on drums.

“Long Way”

Written by chris Daughtry and Jason Wade from Lifehouse.

It’s gained that Lifehouse vibe, but Daughtry’s voice is so unique.

Having a secure band behind Daughtry’s voice, makes every one of the song sound genuine and also not over-produced, nevertheless of the money and time spent in studios to over develop em.

“One critical Chance”

Written through Daughtry, Mitch Allan and David Hodges.

Its too comparable to “Life ~ You” in the verses and is probably a reason why it wasn’t included. But its quiet a worthy track, v a Chorus that reminds me that “Learn my Lesson” simply a bit more aggressive.

And there is a harmony solo.

“Get Me Through”

Written through Daughtry and also rhythm guitarist Brian Craddock and also it’s in the alt-rock reduce D arena vibe.

Check out the bridge vocal melody.

“What have actually We Become”

Written by a songwriting committee that Daughtry, rhythm guitarist Craddock, ex-drummer Joey Barnes, bassist mock Paul, guitiarist mockery Steely and also songwriter/bassist Tommy Henriksen.

It’s usually a mid-tempo heavy rocker with a Chorus riff the reminds me of “Pour some Sugar come Me” and a worthy etc lead.

“On the Inside”

Another mid-tempo rocker composed by Daughtry, Richard Marx and also Chad Kroeger.

Flip a coin and let the land in your handHeads friend gonna stay however its tails

Taking a chance is simpler said than done. Composing out a setup is easy, actioning the plan is a different story altogether.

“Traffic Light”

Written by Daughtry and rhtynm guitarist Craddock.

This one is a favourite, another mid-tempo rocker i beg your pardon is a cross in between “September”, “Tennesse Line” and also “Supernatural”.

Man the Chorus.

Wow, for this reason catchy because that a B- Side.

“Back Again”

This is a good rock track, composed by Daughtry and also Adam Gontier from 3 Days grace at the time and also two of the greatest hard absent voices come come the end in the 2000’s.

The Chorus is Arena rock.

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But you will be listening and also saving this song because of the bridge, as soon as Daughtry start singing, “we’ve been under this roadway before”.