If we were involved in a true crime case, we’d never shut up around it either. The Thing about Pam has easily come to be one of Dateline NBC’s biggest pulls in terms of content, since Pam Hupp used Dateline as a tactic in she murder schemes. She’s to be the topic of 5 separate episodes and whole podcast. So what gives? 

While Pam Hupp was only convicted the the killing of luigi Gumpenberger, plenty of still believe that she was likewise responsible for the death of her mom Shirley Neumann and also Betsy Faria. Through so numerous different story relating come Hupp, that no wonder she’s simply as famous as OJ and also JonBenet Ramsey in the eye of Keith Morrison and co. 

Whether you’re listening come The Thing about Pam podcast the dives right into Louis Gumpenberger’s murder, or two of the episodes “Game Night” and “Return to video game Night” ~ above Dateline NBC, you know Pam Hupp’s name and case. The story keeps reappearing, and now that police have actually officially reopened the investigation on Betsy Faria, it’s unlikely it’ll walk away yet.


Again, if we had actually our surname dragged v the mud thanks to a killing case, we’d desire to make it clear we’re not connected either. Plus, Gumpenberger and also Faria’s killing are straight connected, even if it is or no Hupp killed Faria or not.

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Gumpenberger was murdered v the intentionally of looking prefer he was sent by Russ to killing Hupp, and he was eliminated by Hupp in me defense. 

This instance has so numerous moving components that it’s difficult not to it is in interested. If Faria’s murder never got linked to Hupp, would certainly Gumpenberger have actually died? would certainly Russ have ever been indicted if Betsy didn’t take out that life insurance policy? we may have actually seen Hupp’s story so many times now, yet it continues to be interesting no matter who’s informing it.

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