5 points The Witcher 3 Does much better Than Dark Souls 3 (& 5 points Dark Souls 3 does better) The Witcher 3 & Dark Souls 3 space stellar installments in top franchises. Below are 5 points each video game does better than the other.

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The genre the fantasy has its fair share of depiction in the video game world, yet undoubtedly two of the greatest examples of it room The Witcher and Dark Souls series. On the existing generation the consoles, both series had spectacular entries that served as the 3rd games in their respective franchises.

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Coming from legendary developers CD Projekt Red and also FromSoftware, both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Dark Souls 3 (with the previous recently celebrate a large milestone) were met with an important and advertising praise and also were as whole massive successes. Every one made its mark on the fantasy genre, yet both in drastically various ways. Though both are great games, they have their specific strengths, and so below we"ll check out what strong suits each video game has.

The human beings of both The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 3 are incredible and also unique in their very own way, however it"s tough to argue against the slim massiveness of the north Realms. Seriously, the place is huge, and it"s totally traversable. That course, the would typical nothing if the wasn"t filled v stuff to do.

The people is rife with thousands of quests to pursue, witcher contracts to complete, monsters to kill, cities to go through, areas to discover, and also treasure come plunder. No matter where you space in the world, there"s always an adventure to it is in had. Prepare come kill many hours as soon as you dive right into a session.

While The Witcher 3 provides an impressive fantasy setting reminiscent that the Medieval and Renaissance eras commonly found within the genre, Dark Souls 3 goes above and past that to carry out something important special. Overall, FromSoftware is wonderful at this element and the atmosphere. All of the studio"s big Soulsborne games are remarkable at this, and Dark Souls 3 is no exception.

In the game, there"s a sense of dread, darkness, and also despair discovered within the world, together if there"s merely no expect left because that a far better tomorrow. Places like the moonlit city the Irithyll, Firelink Shrine, and Grand Archives all look gorgeous while still having an emptiness about them. There"s nothing rather quite favor it.

next quests have actually long been an important part the the RPG genre, however they"re additionally one of the hardest elements to acquire right in a game. While frequently they deserve to seem like simply an inconvenient necessity, once done ideal they have the right to be simply as, if no more, engaging 보다 the primary campaign. The Witcher 3 took the latter route and set the bar high because that side quests in fantasy games.

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Dark Souls 3"s doesn"t really have actually side quests in the traditional sense, and the very few that might be thought about ones have the right to oftentimes be completed by accident. ~ above the finish opposite end of the spectrum, in The Witcher 3, the bulk of your game time is invested doing next quests. What sets lock apart is there actually interesting, unique, and incredibly fun and also addictive.

7 Dark Souls 3: Armor/Weapons

This one"s a close one, as admittedly The Witcher 3 has part seriously cool-looking armor sets. Dark Souls 3 ultimately come out on height in this category, however, as the armor varieties from the tame come the outrageously over-the-top. In the weapons department, when there room some exceptions, Geralt"s arsenal primarily surrounds his 2 swords and a crossbow.

The player"s character in Dark Souls 3 has a much more comprehensive range that weaponry to choose from and also be knowledgeable in, such as swords, spears, axes, hammers, clubs, shields, bows, crossbows, and staffs of all shapes and sizes.

one of the much more obvious areas that The Witcher 3 excels at is in the characters, perhaps much more than any kind of fantasy RPG. Whereas Dark Souls 3 has a few named characters who could be cool-looking, they hardly ever do more than just stand around, and also even an ext rarely perform they have a far-ranging part in your story.

That"s certainly not the situation with The Witcher 3, as Geralt encounters plenty of unique characters of all different backgrounds and virtually every solitary one of lock is memorable and also well-written. From the humorous bard Dandelion to the adventurous and also determined Ciri (who could lead her own game in the future), there"s no shortage of an excellent characters in the game.

5 Dark Souls 3: Lore

if the Soulsborne collection in general frequently lacks in the story department, the toughness in the games" rigid lies in the incredibly huge and thought-out lore the lies within them. Though it"s regularly hard to put together, mainly because of most that the details being uncovered within tiny bits the dialogue and item descriptions, the in-depth history that have the right to be uncovered is very rewarding for fantasy nerds.

Dark Souls 3 benefits indigenous this the most, together it serves as the just real main link to the initial Dark Souls game. While The Witcher games have a fascinating civilization to attract from many thanks to the books, there"s something really different in the Soulsborne franchise"s strategy to the lore the sets it except anything rather in the fantasy realm.

another hard-to-argue benefit that The Witcher 3 has over Dark Souls 3, is that its prompt story is leagues better. The rigid is a bigger focus here, it"s simpler to follow, and overall simply makes a lot bigger impact on the player than the loosened narrative found within Dark Souls 3.

It doesn"t require considerable outside research study to know either, i m sorry is a large bonus. Probably most essential of all though, is the the story is actually well done. Focused on Geralt"s search to uncover Ciri and stop the Wild hunt from taking her, every while a large war is raging through the northern Realms, it"s a gaming story for the ages.

3 Dark Souls 3: Combat

This is yet one more close call, as both video games have a respectable combat device that improves upon their corresponding predecessors" if both providing a unique and engaging combat suffer that sets them apart from other RPG games.

At the finish of the job though, Dark Souls 3 takes the victory here. Wherein it lacks in an engaging narrative, it makes up for through an remarkable combat mechanism that is bolstered by the gamings incredible difficulty, PVP, and also diversity the playstyles. There"s just nothing favor fighting in Dark Souls 3.

an additional one the the bigger areas that The Witcher 3 absolutely excels at is it"s romantic storylines. It"s yet one more aspect that"s virtually nonexistent in Dark Souls 3, therefore it renders it a no brainer to provide the victory to The Witcher 3. It doesn"t just victory by default; it wins since it provides some of the ideal romances in gaming (along with Mass Effect of course).

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Fans have actually long battled over whether Triss Merigold or Yennefer is the best sorceress for Geralt, however that"s because their stories space both so compelling the there"s a an excellent case to make for either one of them. No issue who friend chose, there"s no doubt that The Witcher 3 is better than Dark Souls 3 in this regard.

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1 Dark Souls 3: ceo Fights

and here we concerned what is indeed Dark Souls 3"s crowning achievement: it"s boss battles. If the ceo fights the you encounter as Geralt room fun and also can be challenging, they pale in comparison come the variety, difficulty, and sheer epicness that the big bads that the player deals with in Dark Souls 3. 

In a series known because that its incredible boss fights, Dark Souls 3 still brings a lot come the table. Bosses such together the Abyss Watchers, The Nameless King, and also Darkeater Midir was standing as few of the franchise"s best and aid the game edge the end the success in this category.