in spite of being an optional boss, the Old Demon King can offer Dark Souls 3 players a little of trouble. Right here we have actually some important tips because that beating him.

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Dark Souls 3 is filled to the brim with challenging boss fights, so much so that it"s not unusual to acquire stuck top top a particular boss for hours, also days or weeks, particularly if you"re not acquainted with the Souls series.

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The Old Demon King is one such ceo that offers a most players trouble. Uncovered in the pits that the Smouldering Lake, the Old Demon King is said to it is in oldest, and last, demon to witness the chaos of Izalith, and also it shows. Here are a few handy pro tips to obtain the much better of the Old Demon King and also defeat the difficult boss.

countless in the Dark Souls neighborhood are staunchly versus using summons for boss fights however it"s a perfect viable tactic as soon as you"re struggling. There"s no shame in summoning.

There room two valuable NPC summons close to the fog door to the ceo fight. The summon sign for good Swamp Cuculus have the right to be uncovered right in ~ the bottom that the stairs leading to the boss fight when the summon authorize for article Slayer Tsorig is uncovered by the bonfire near the fog gate.

that seems choose a no-brainer however it"s often easy to overlook equipping particular kinds of gear for various bosses. Since the Old Demon King does nearly nothing however spout flames, it"s vital to gain yourself some gear that"s resistant to fire.

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There space a few pieces of tools that have the right to increase her fire damages absorption the are additionally easy come obtain. Because that example, the fire Stoneplate Ring found in the Undead Settlement and the Dragon comb Shield found over the Old wolf of Farron bonfire are great when you"re make the efforts to alleviate fire damage.

It"s important for every ceo fight to acquire your bearings of the area you"ll it is in fighting the ceo in. The exact same goes the Old Demon"s King"s boss arena. You fight the Old Demon King in a substantial area and not utilizing that space would it is in a waste.

If you find your health acquiring low, there"s plenty of space in this arena to earlier off and heal without worrying about getting interrupted. It"s also spacious sufficient that you deserve to avoid that is AOE attacks.

If you"re having trouble through the Old Demon King, you have to make sure you"re making use of weapons that make use of its weakness.

The Old Demon King is weak to Dark damage. Infusing a weapon v Dark will carry out the trick, or you have the right to use the Onyx blade from the Ashes that Ariandel DLC, however there"s additionally a wide variety of spells the deal substantial amounts that Dark damage. The boss is likewise weak to black color Knight weapons.

periodically the best method is no the many direct. Rather of do the efforts to take it on the Old Demon King head on, the best way to fight it is come get roughly it and attack indigenous behind.

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Attacking native behind would permit you come avoid many of its assaults from its huge club, however that doesn"t mean you have to let your guard down, that is fire attacks could still with you.

when equipping flame damage taking in gear will aid mitigate the damage from that attacks, it"s no going to block every the damages you receive. What can enable you to avoid damages is a well-timed dodge roll.

The Old Demon King"s fire attacks, particularly its ring that fire attack, deserve to be rolled with to avoid any damage, therefore make sure you haven"t unable to do over her equip pack so you can fast roll.

It might seem counterintuitive to usage pyromancy versus a boss covered in flames, yet there room two specific pyromancies that room helpful.

The first is speed Sweat, i beg your pardon will rise your fire damages absorption by 30% because that 30 seconds. It"s a valuable spell the will alleviate the damages received from the Old Demon King"s fire attacks. The 2nd is poison Mist, but be aware that this ceo is resistant to poison so it"s a sluggish (but safe) way to deal damage.

girlfriend may have actually noticed that there space a couple of pools that water placed throughout the boss arena. This puddles aren"t just for show, as they can actually aid you during the boss fight.

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Standing in the pools of water in reality reduces fire damage. For this reason if you"re lacking in fire-resistant gear, it can be a good alternative. In addition to that, as soon as the Old Demon King ignites itself to add fire damages to that melee attacks, you can lure it into one of these puddles to extinguish the flames.

If you discover yourself banging her head versus a wall surface unable to loss the Old Demon King, you can want to consider leaving it because that later. The Old Demon King is one optional boss so friend don"t need to defeat the the first time you reach the Smouldering Lake, you have the right to come back later.

Progress a bit an ext through the game, increasing your stats and also getting far better gear, then come back with your brand-new equipment and you might just discover that you"ll have an less complicated time that it.

once it comes down to it, the best way to loss the Old Demon King is to learn its set of attacks and use that knowledge to understand when to attack, block, dodge, or when to roll away.

Spend some time getting acquainted with the Old Demon King"s moves instead of rushing in to assault blindly. The Soul series is well-known for being challenging but fair, gift able to review enemies and bosses is the cornerstone to success with these games.

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