That line from dancing On My own is Robyn's love letter come the weather in her residence city that Stockholm, Sweden.

That means I've invested a decade of dancing and also singing come it at clubs, festivals and also in friends' kitchens. It's soundtracked few of the most personal moments in mine life.

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Under recent lockdown, it's been viewed in another brand-new light with an accompanying TikTok difficulty from Robyn herself.

Like countless other people, i love the bittersweet mix of hearing something so uplifting however so heartbreaking.

There space so countless highlights however Robyn tells me her various other favourite line is: \"I just wanna dance every night.\"

At that point in the song, she's currently taken us to the club where we're watching she ex kiss a brand-new partner. We've every been there, right?

She claims it represents the an accurate moment on the dancefloor once you have actually to get your \"desperation, frustration and sadness out\".

With its multiple covering versions and the variety of films and also TV shows it's popped increase in, the tune is thought about a classic with outlets choose Rolling Stone, NME and Stereogum every ranking it together the finest song that the critical decade.

By 2010, Robyn had actually transformed native mid-1990s major label pop star right into a fiercely independent artist v her very own record label, Konichiwa Records.

Dancing ~ above My own was her first new music in years and the lead single from the very first of her 3 Body talk albums, which she released over six months.

\"I knew I want to do a song referred to as Dancing On my Own,\" Robyn tells Radio 1 Newsbeat, from her apartment in Stockholm. \"I just didn't recognize what it to be going to it is in about.\"

With one idea the a chorus in she mind, Robyn started working v Swedish producer Patrik Berger, who she'd collaborated v on her previous album.

At the beginning, Patrik remembers the song having an acoustic vibe. The chorus came very first and \"everything else fell into place and also it felt like it was creating itself\".

Patrik admits they to be \"super picky\" about every element of the song and also he recently found a notebook with numerous lyrics the were written and scrapped follow me the way.

His favourite lyric is \"I understand where you're at, i bet she's around\" which the feels to represent the \"self-destructive component of you, when we know we shouldn't go there. It's prefer scratching a wound.\"

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Robyn likewise remembers Patrik spending a the majority of time ~ above the individual contents of the song: the drums, the bass and also the pounding staccato that starts with.

\"It to be an interesting session. Ns remember sending out the demo to the document label and telling them I thought we had a great single.\"

Robyn says she's proud of to dance On my Own due to the fact that it features elements of \"many different worlds\" she loves including: \"Prince songs, 80s absent ballads and queer electronica\".

It walk on to optimal year-end critics' polls, Robyn performed it on TV shows approximately the world and it to be nominated for a Grammy.

Then came the very first of Robyn's two specifying moments in the life of her song. We'll acquire to the 2nd later.

In 2012, that was used in the first season that HBO's Girls, the TV comedy drama created by Lena Dunham.

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image captionLena Dunham produced Girls and says Robyn create 'universal yet personal' songs

In the episode, Lena's personality Hannah finds out her ex-boyfriend is gay. She's satellite in her flat and also Dancing on My very own starts increase on her laptop.

Her ideal friend Marnie (Alison Williams) comes home and also they dance in Hannah's bedroom to the track, which climate plays end the end credits.

\"That moment on set was intended to be so brief and also so light,\" states Lena. \"But it take it on so lot importance due to the fact that it marked the an initial time myself and Alison felt comfortable in our characters.\"

When Lena embraced her gold Globe for best actress in 2013, to dance On My very own was play as she walked come the phase collect it.

Dancing ~ above My very own has additionally been featured in Gossip Girl, Orange Is The brand-new Black, RuPaul's drag Race, movies teen Spirit and also Long Shot, and also the masking Singer USA.

\"I really prefer Kelly's version,\" states Robyn. \"She has actually a really an effective voice. She recorded one of my favourite Max young name songs, since U to be Gone, which I extended in the Radio 1 Live Lounge. So that's funny.\"

In 2015, the british singer auditioned for Britain's got Talent through a stripped-back variation of the track, the video clip of which has actually now been viewed 288 million times.

\"I dropped in love through the tune instantly,\" the says. \"I was around 21 when it was originally released and also it came at the height of me figuring the end my personality.\"


He points to the lyric \"I'm appropriate over here, why can't you check out me?\" together the specific moment he connected to the song.

\"I didn't really recognize who ns was, so when I sang it all those emotions from my previous spilled over right into the song.\"

Calum's variation was released commercially in 2016 and performed much better than Robyn's original, reaching number two in the UK singles chart.

\"She to walk past and I simply froze. She came approximately me and said it to be nice to lastly meet me. You never expect to accomplish the human who had actually the original song\".

\"I'm supervisor happy for him to have the success and also am pleased world got to recognize the song a tiny bit more\".

But as Calum to be bringing the tune to a far broader audience in the mid-2010s, Robyn was acquisition a step ago from what she'd created.

\"Dancing On mine Own sometimes felt favor a teenage version of me that i was happy to let go of,\" she says.

\"Now I'm ago loving it. Ns don't feel conflicted and I love performing it and playing it live.\"

When Robyn toured in 2019, she cut the track just before the chorus, leaving hundreds of fans to song her track earlier at her.

I to be at she gig in ~ London's Alexandra Palace. It was such a goosebump minute to sign up with everyone else singing \"I'm in the corner, watching girlfriend kiss her\" at the tops of our voices.

By the point, she feel the song had actually moved on from its beginnings and \"became something the took on an interpretation for a many of civilization in various ways\".

For who that regularly writes about heartbreak and emotions, Robyn claims she finds nostalgia and also sentimentality \"difficult\".

\"Those emotions don't always feel true come me and also I think dancing On mine Own has those qualities.

\"It's possibly a part of the song I had actually to struggle with. Yet maybe that's why the connects come so many world too.\"

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In February, Robyn was named Songwriter the the decade at the NME Awards, an accolade handed to she by Christine & The Queens and also Charli XCX.

\"As a songwriter I deserve to only marvel at a song prefer Dancing On mine Own,\" claims Letissier. \"It's a gem that pop. I watched she gig in Oslo critical year and also it to be the many cathartic thing I ever before saw.\"

It requires her friend and collaborator Max Martin, that himself has actually co-written 22 Billboard warm 100 number ones and played one early part in she career on song like display Me Love.

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According to Robyn, she was told through his manager that Max think \"it's among the ideal pop songs ever before made\".