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By REESE AMOROSIPreviously on dance Moms, the power struggle between studio owner Abby Lee Miller and also Kira Girard (Kalani Hilliker\"s mom) continued after Kira once again invite a choreographer into Abby\"s classes there is no permission. Through episode\"s end, Kira and Kalani walked out on the Abby Lee Dance firm (ALDC). This mainly on run Moms season 5, illustration 28 title \"Solo Battle, ring 1,\" kendal Vertes and also JoJo Siwa dance head-to-head in a bid to score a solo at Nationals; the the ALDC has actually a re-match versus the liquid Apples dance Center, who are currently being led through Jeanette Cota (Ava Cota\"s mom), owner that the Broadway run Academy; Kira and Kalani return. Together Dance Moms S5 E28 opens, Kira and Kalani room no-shows because that rehearsal. Holly (Nia Frazier\"s mom) opines, \"I think component of the problem is the Abby doesn\"t forget, and she\"s spiteful, and she gets earlier at world when she desires to… It\"s unfortunate since I think Kalani was a critical member that the team.\" when inside the studio, Holly asks Abby if she wants Kalani come return, and also Abby replies, \"No,\" since she feels prefer Kalani \"walked the end on an amazing opportunity.\" The girls and moms heat up for pyramid, the leaderboard because that the ALDC. That is usually based upon the previous week\"s compete results, and also Abby reveals the from the bottom, up:JoJo Siwa: Abby claims her feet \"look horrendous.\"Nia Frazier: \"didn’t stand the end in the group routine.\"Mackenzie Ziegler: did well, but needed a many corrections.

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Maddie Ziegler: \"It\"s time come knock you under a couple of pegs.\"Kalani Hilliker: .Kendall Vertes: \"took some initiative in the team routine.\"This main the ALDC will certainly be in a brand-new York Dance suffer competition in Escondido, CA. In addition to that, they are completing with each other for a solo spot in ~ Nationals (three weeks away). To the end, Abby assigns the high and also low girls on the pyramid to run head-to-head, and also whoever scores higher will it is in in the to run for a solo. Kendal will execute a modern-day jazz routine referred to as \"Immortal\"; JoJo will carry out a Miley Cyrus-inspired jazz routine called \"She Can\"t Stop.\" JoJo is thrilled because she\"s a substantial Miley fan. The group will perform a number referred to as \"Don\"t Fence Me In,\" and they\"ll be using a chain link fence as a prop.Adding a third layer to this week\"s competition is the reality that the ALDC will have a re-match with the candy Apples Dance facility (CADC), the team castle beat last week. In Cathy Nesbitt-Stein\"s continued absence, the CADC is being led by an additional Abby rival, Jeanette Cota (if friend missed critical week\"s episode check out my recap for Dance Moms S5 E27 \"Abby vs. Kira, AGAIN\"). This time, rather of dancing together the CADC, castle will lug the name of Jeanette\"s studio, the Broadway run Academy (BDA). The next day, as the moms cave in the studio parking many while castle wait because that rehearsal come begin, Kira and also Kalani return. Melissa (Mackenzie and also Maddie Ziegler\"s mom) says, \"Abby is no going to it is in happy about this,\" and also Jill (Kendall\"s mom) suggests that Kira have to have referred to as Abby instead of just showing up. Kira says it was totally Kalani\"s decision to return, and in a talk head interview, Kalani states, \"I made decision to come earlier because I want to end up off the last 3 weeks in LA and also go to Nationals through ALDC. They\"re like my family; the team demands me and also I require them.\" The girls room thrilled to check out Kalani, but she is rebuffed when she tries to strategy Abby, who tells her, \"I think you need to walk away. You re welcome walk away.\" Abby says, \"As much as I\"m concerned, Kalani\"s not even here.\" while the moms watch the group rehearsal, they reiterate that Kira have to have referred to as Abby instead of just showing up, however Kira doesn\"t think it\"s a big deal. In fact, she think Kalani lacking rehearsal because she walked the end on the team is the exact same as when Maddie misses rehearsal to carry out a expert gig. Melissa continues to be silent when Jill colleges Kira on the difference. Kira wants her daughter in the team number though, for this reason she interrupts rehearsal come plead she case. Abby says \"no\" because she\"s already collection the routine, and also she doesn\"t think the girls should need to practice harder and also longer to work-related Kalani into the number. The moms (who are observing indigenous the lounge) agree v Abby, and also Jessalynn (JoJo\"s mom) says, \"Sit your f---ing ass the end of team dance because that a week. Sorry, you\"re not in it. Acquire over it.\" as soon as Kira persists, Abby makes a phone speak to (To she lawyers? to the producers? i don\"t know.), and also then once she hangs increase she announces, \"I quit,\" and dismisses the girls. As soon as Kira return to the mom\"s lounge, they all offer her grief because that being selfish. Abby does return the following day, though, and she asks Kalani what faith she practices. As soon as Kalani answers, \"Catholic,\" Abby tells her that not dancing this main is her penance. Meanwhile, end at the worldwide Dance Academy in Hollywood, Jeannette works with the CADC, currently the BDA. She assigns the team a lyrical number inspired by a transgender activist named Jay, and says they will certainly be collaborating with the happy Men\"s Chorus that LA and the cast of It it s okay Better, who will be singing live during the BDA\"s performance. Competition day arrives. JoJo dances an initial with she \"She Can\"t Stop\" solo; she put on a short blonde wig and also a two-piece red costume v a cutout bodice and also marabou on the shoulders; it\"s designed to recreate the Bob Mackie-inspired ensemble native Miley\"s Bangerz tour. JoJo is a wonderful dancer, but in this case she forgets her choreography, for this reason she improvs many of the routine. Once in the wings, JoJo says, \"Abby is going to death me.\" kendall is following with she \"Immortal\" solo; she attract a two-piece, Grecian-inspired costume in white and gold v a laurel wreath headpiece. She go a beautiful job.During a rest outside, Abby asks JoJo, \"What happened?\" when JoJo tearfully replies that she love the solo and wanted to carry out well and also she can\"t explain what happened, Abby opens up her arms and also hugs her. It\"s a quite moment in between them. The BDP take away the stage for their \"Run, Run, Run\" routine; they wear pale pink baby-doll dresses through a bow at the bodice. They provide a beloved performance. The ALDC complies with with your \"Don\"t Fence Me In\" routine; they wear checkered shirts through shorts and head bands. The choreography is cool and they work-related well through their prop fence. Abby is happy the Mackenzie traction the focus in a confident way. The awards awareness begins. In the junior Division, kendal gets third Place; JoJo doesn\"t place. In the group Division, the BDA earns second Place; the ALDC wins 1st Place. Backstage, Jeanette tells her team, \"It doesn\"t matter how many awards friend win, it\"s around being one artist, and you touched numerous people\"s resides today.\" In the ALDC dressing room, Abby congratulates the team and also tells kendal that next week, she\"ll it is in competing versus Maddie. V Nationals therefore close, Abby provides a request from the team: \"No more interruptions, no an ext chaos.\" when Jessalynn asks Abby and Kira, \"Is whatever gonna it is in normal in between you two following week?\" Abby answers, \"I don’t recognize if noþeles will ever be back to normal.\"As dance Moms S5 E28 \"Solo Battle, ring 1\" closes, Abby says, \"I think Kalani has certainly learned she lesson. Nationals are roughly the corner, and she is a good choice because that this team, a great fit. She mother? we can\"t pick our relatives, have the right to we.\" following week on run Moms season 5, episode 29 titled \"Baby run Mama Drama,\" it\"s Maddie vs.

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Kendal as the girls vie for a solo spot at Nationals. Also, Kira announces that she\"s pregnant.