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The key mod contains several files. You have the right to use them every on their very own or the complete package. This is what each individual one does:CraftableSetBonus: alters the schematics because that The Skin that Stalks armors. V the mod mounted it supplies the set bonus (The bring away Shape) i beg your pardon the non-crafted variation holds together an inherent attribute. You have the right to still add masterwork products to it. There space three different versions: Arcane Warrior (light armor do tab), initial (medium armor crafting tab) and also Reaver (heavy armor make tab).

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SetStore: Adds the to adjust schematics and accessories come the Crossroads store in the Hinterlands in case you want to use the mod prior to playing Trespasser. Deserve to be safely uninstalled ~ you've made all the preferred purchases.TheBindThatGuides: has the changes for the set's belt.TheEyeThatWeeps: includes the alters for the set's amulet.TheHandThatCuts: has the alters for the set's ring.Solas Armor Replacer: Makes Solas' Trespasser armor accessible for masculine human and elf characters and also adds the set bonus come it. For much more infos check out the details paragraph in this description.VFX Remover: Removes the visuals of the Perma- passive abilities.You can mix and match the documents as you like. If the readjusted accessories it seems to be ~ to it is in too an effective to you simply install the armor changes or angry versa.Solas' Wolf's coat (Trespasser) Replacer:Download and install Cheat Engine if girlfriend haven't already.Start the game and also load the table.Use the Inventory article Editor of the CE table, equip/unequip the armor you want to use for Solas till the Inventory item Editor populates with the items you want to change.Activate the readjust option that the editor, paste "DA3_DLC_Blue/Equipment/NewArmors/dlcblue_equip_armor_light_solas_hooded" (hooded armor) or "DA3_DLC_Blue/Equipment/NewArmors/dlcblue_equip_armor_light_solas_hooded" (hoodless armor) without the brackets in the recently appeared home window and click OK.Save the game and load the again.The previously preferred armor should now have the appearance of Solas' Trespasser armor yet the very same stats as initial one + set bonus.

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There is additionally some various stuff:Ring the Doubt No Restriction: Simply clears the course restriction the this ring.Flask that Frost Taunt Radius: as soon as using Flask the Frost's upgrade Bitter chilled you acquire a 5m taunt radius. Through this file the radius is double to 10m.Installation:Read the following tutorial: http://daimodder.tumblr.com/post/123864968464/dai-mod-manager-tutorialMy DAI Mods:The Taken form - Craftable collection Armor and far better AccessoriesAncient Sigils - Customize your ArmorRare weapons EnhancedCrossbow make - Bianca was only the beginningQuick start - rate up your progress