Finding remarkable dad gift ideas can be a little bit of a daunting task, especially if her father is the kind of guy who says that that \"only wants peace and also love\" and \"a happy household\" as soon as you asking him because that his Christmas list. My dad, especially, is a little of a difficult cookie come buy gifts for — as a retirement man, he truly find the most delight in the basic things in life, is happy v what he already has, and also is seldom curious about gadgets and new technology. That being said, for the an initial time in years, my dad was the very first person who I established my gifts for this season, and I feel prefer this success qualifies me to help others who space in a predicament over the ideal gifts because that dad this Christmas.

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Dads come in all types — you can have a golf dad who is happy v an yearly gift the golf balls and also tee time. Friend might likewise find you yourself in a family members with a hunting and fishing dad, who is always in need of new gear because that the wilderness. Or, you can have a dad that absolutely loves having actually a substantial collection the DVDs, making himself the brand-new Blockbuster the the block when next-door neighbors are searching for something brand new to watch. No matter where her dad\"s understanding lie, below are a couple of solid gifts that are guaranteed to make him smile.

1. Roku Streaming Stick


If your dad isn\"t a gamer, there\"s a pretty great chance the he doesn\"t watch his streaming videos with a Playstation like the remainder of us. Roku is a terrific brand that\"ll help him navigate v Netflix and also Hulu menus through ease. Also better, this stick is for this reason tiny the he won\"t even know it\"s there, thus avoiding him from handling a crate or system he\"ll need to make room for on his to chat center.

Roku Streaming Stick, $99.99, Walmart

2. Kindle Paperwhite


The Paperwhite is seriously life-changing. This little gadget provides you the \"feel\" of reading a typical paperback, if weighing just a small over seven ounces. If her dad is an avid reader, this will certainly be a wonderful gift. Even better, its built-in backlight will certainly let him remain up to review without waking increase mom.

Kindle Paperwhite, from $119.99,

3. Retro Games


While in ~ Target the other day, I provided something pretty amazing on one of the endcaps — retro board games, through the initial box artwork. If your dad flourished up in the 50s and also 60s, he could get a kick out of see Sorry! native 1958, or Twister from 1966. Target currently has 5 games top top its website, all priced from $15.99 come $18.99 — might too collect them all, right?

Retro Boardgames, $15.99-$18.99,

4. Quirky Cufflinks


When dads get dressed up, they walk all out — and also a pair that cufflinks because that a man is (how ns imagine) earrings come be for a lady. Etsy has actually a bunch of exceptional designs, yet these at sight Spy Cufflinks indigenous Utah-based seller PerfectCufflinks could just be my favorites. If her dad is a big fan the all things Bond, he\"ll probably acquire a kick the end of these.

Super Spy Cufflinks, $28.88, PerfectCufflinks/

5. Crosley USB/Vinyl record Player


If her dad likes reminiscing around music from earlier in the day, this\"ll it is in a perfect gift for him. Not only is this player visually stunning, however it\"s able to play both vinyl records and also MP3s — so if your dad is in between formats, he\"ll get extra usage out the it. This article is sold solely at metropolitan Outfitters.

Crosley USB/Vinyl record Player, $169, metropolitan Outfitters

6. Mr. Beer home Brewing System

Is her dad a beer enthusiast? If so, he could be exciting in trying to make his very own at home. This gift might as well ignite a hobby the your dad didn\"t even know that had. This beer kit is perfect because that beginners, and includes a two-gallon fermentation keg and also 11 reusable party to fill v a delightful residence brew.

Mr. Beer Premium Edition residence Brewing craft Beer Kit, $48.19,

7. Draftmark house Tap System

Dad would quite just have actually beer waiting for him quite than try to do it himself? Draftmark is the solution. This mini-keg gives dad the draught endure at home, and also holds a gallon of her dad\"s favorite brews. Choose from Budweiser, Shock Top, Goose Island IPA, and also Michelob Ultra. Beer will remain fresh in the fridge for as much as 30 days.

Draftmark At-Home tap System, Target, $49.99

8. RazorPit Sharpener

If her dad appreciates a clean shave, he\"ll love this razor sharpener. Not only will it save him money ~ above blades, yet he\"ll love the truth that he\"ll it is in throwing old blades away much less frequently. Plus, not only does this nifty tool sharpen the blade, however it cleans it together well. Talk about smooth.

RazorPit Men\"s Razor blade Sharpener, $14.44,

9. Caffeinated shaving Cream

As long as you\"re gaining your dad a razor, friend might too get him some shaving cream come go v it. This caffeine-infused version made with natural ingredients through Pacific Shaving agency promises to alleviate redness and irritation, meaning no an ext razor burn.

Caffeinated shaving Cream and Aftershave Set, $15.99, Pacific Shaving

10. Personalized Docking Station

Does your dad have too lot stuff? Is that in need of a manly means to prop his iPhone as much as charge? URARTDESIGN end at Etsy supplies a beautiful an individual docking terminal that\"ll even give him a place to store his keys. Because it\"s handmade with natural wood, her dad will adore the craftsmanship behind it, as well as the convenience it\"ll bring him.

IPhone 6-6S Personalized Docking Station, $24.00, URARTDESIGN/Etsy

11. Personalized pocket Knife

Since Christmas is all about awkwardly trying come open heavily taped up boxes in former of the family, a pocket knife could be handy. If you select this gift for your dad, you might want to make it the an initial one that opens. This specific knife native donebetter ~ above Etsy is do of wood and stainless steel, and it\"s absolutely gorgeous.

Personalized pocket Knife with Wood Handle, $19.99, donebetter/Etsy

12. Canon Wireless Compact photograph Printer

Dad doesn\"t quite grasp Instagram — he\"d fairly have duplicates of image he deserve to hang top top the wall. Acquire him a wireless photograph printer therefore he can conveniently relive all his favorite moments, instantly.

CanonWireless Compact photograph Printer, $94.99, Canon

13. The Roosevelts top top DVD

I feel choose Ken Burns would certainly be finest friends with every one of our fathers. For some reason, his films seem come intrigue men of a details age. The Roosevelts is the latest miniseries, airing on PBS in 2014, and also would do a great gift if her dad is a major history buff. Plus, if you buy that from PBS directly, they\"ll throw a free tote bag in the mix.

Ken Burns: \"The Roosevelts: an Intimate History,\" $59.99, ShopPBS

14. Firewood fragrant Candle

Have you ever before smelled a Firewood candle before? the smells for sure amazing, and my dad agrees — this candles have been featured in his present pile because that years now, and have become the Belz family Signature Christmas Scent. This is a great gift if your dad is there is no a fireplace, or desires the smell, yet doesn\"t feel favor doing the hard work.

Firewood Signature Candle, $30.00, Henri Bendel new York

15. Clever Battery iphone phone Charging Case

If dad\"s phone is constantly the end of juice, this is precisely what the needs. Apple\"s smart Battery iPhone instance won\"t just safeguard his phone, it will also help prolong his battery life.

Smart Battery iphone phone Charging Case, $99, Apple

16. Nest Thermostat

Baby, it\"s cold outside. The perfect means to readjust the temperature is with a nest Thermostat. If you\"ve never ever heard of the Nest, here\"s a little introduction: that pretty lot learns your schedule based on how you set it, and also is method more visually attractive than the typical thermostat. Plus, friend can collection it on your phone. If your dad is into fun, advantageous gadgets, this gift will absolutely be a home run.

Nest Thermostat, $249,, photograph Courtesy that Aaron Muszalski/Flickr

17. Stained Glass Ornaments

If her dad loves the look at of stained glass, it\"ll be a quite idea to brighten up his holiday with some pretty accessories for the tree. Etsy has actually a few great selections, mine favorites being the hand-painted glass birds in the shop that DebbiesShed. She fires these in a kiln, so that they reflect the irradiate beautifully. Also better, these have the right to easy be transferred to a home window after the holidays.

Hand Painted Bird Stained Glass Ornaments, $27.85, DebbiesShed/Etsy

18. Keurig 2.0

Can her dad function without caffeine? deserve to anyone role without caffeine? If her dad is still making use of a decanter, it might be pretty to update him to a Keurig. The basic model (K200) won\"t totally break the budget, and is accessible in every kinds of funny colors, native Sandy Pearl to Turquoise. Girlfriend can discover these in ~ any form of appliance store, yet by ordering the from the site, you can likewise pick up some impressive pods easily.

Keurig 2.0 K200 brewing System, $109.99,

19. Wood Bottle Opener

If her dad prefers bottles over cans, this would certainly make great gift. WoodChopKC, situated in Kansas City, has countless beautiful assets located in your Etsy shop, fashioned the end of walnut, cherry, cedar, or maple wood. This aren\"t just bottle openers — they\"re functions of art.

Wooden bottle Opener, $20.00, WoodChopKC/Etsy

20. A Subscription to Blue Apron

Subscription boxes space big, and also technically, they\"re the gift the keeps on giving. Blue Apron would be a an excellent choice because that a male who likes come cook, however doesn\"t have a complete kitchen. It\"s kind of favor he\"s acquiring a cooking lesson and a wonderful dinner all in one. Your mother is additionally likely come bonus native this gift.

Plans for two world start in ~ $59.94 every week, yet he deserve to cancel at any time, and also skip deliveries if he feels like it\"s a an excellent night for takeout.

Blue Apron Subscription, starting at $59.94,

21. Lagavulin Scotch

Here\"s a gift that Ron Swanson would approve of. If your dad enjoys sipping on some intense whiskey, think about getting that a height brand. Lagavulin 16 Scotch has been aged for 16 years, and might do his holidays a little more (ahem) \"spirited.\"

Lagavulin Scotch 16, $89.99, BevMo!, snapshot Courtesy of Keith McDuffee/Flickr

22. Account come Kit

How perform I understand this might be a hit with your dad? Well, since I gained my dad this kit last year. Due to the fact that he was sure of his heritage, that figured that I need to be the one come send my vial that spit to the labs — ns mean, more bang because that our buck, right? however then we obtained the results, and also my dad realized that his (pretty well researched) knowledge of his genealogy was slightly off, adding much more mystery to the mix. In short, mine dad has been questioning for a second DNA kit because March 2015, once we obtained my outcomes back. If your dad is also curious about his heritage, this may simply be the perfect present.

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Ancestry.Com Account, $19.99 every month. AncestryDNA kit, $89-$99,

23. SodaStream Power

Does your dad prefer soda? Sparkling water? energy drinks? fluid in general? Well, possibly it\"s time to equip him with a SodaStream. The SodaStream Power can inspire him come stay much more hydrated, and will more than likely save that a ton the money at the grocery store (depending ~ above his soda habits.)

SodaStream Power, $149.99, Soda present USA

24. The Suprematism Watch

PROJECTS watches are well-known for having actually super cool designs, yet the Suprematism watch is in that is own group of cool. While this watch, which launched this year, would be a good gift for a watch enthusiast, it\"s additionally right ~ above the note for her dad if he\"s a no-frills man who\"s into an easy art and design.