While it"s true that no Cutthroat Kitchen sabotage is simple, plenty of are surely less difficult than others, while some seem therefore insurmountable the chefs room willing come bid almost their entire sums in stimulate to protect against them. That"s just what taken place on tonight"s all-new episode, when Alton auctioned off a "north-south border thing" the would force two chefs to separation the prepare work and also cooking, one contestant act either because that both of them. Once every one of the bidding to be done, Alton Brown marketed this doozy of a sabotage for a chuck $18,100, the biggest amount to day on cutthroat Kitchen.

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Such a challenge is a means of "forcing them come communicate and get along," follow to Alton, who detailed the sabotage to judge Antonia Lofaso throughout the recent After-Show. Ultimately, however, the sabotage method that rivals space responsible for executing key steps in each other"s dishes, and once again the possibility for sabotage exists. "Chef Michael definitely set him up by leaving that in," Alton described of exactly how a too-fibrous stem uncovered its way onto cook Luca"s at some point doomed plate.

Although Alton doesn"t regularly volunteer himself for sabotage, he willingly permit Antonia handcuff the in an effort to demonstrate the round 3 an obstacle to befall chief Kelly. "Ninetypercent of the things you perform as a cook, you have the right to do like this," Alton stated while sporting the cuffs, and sure enough, the impediments weren"t sufficient to avoid Chef Kelly from making a to win turnover. "As a whole, if Iwere to end up that whole plate, ns would have actually been happy," Antonia claimed of chief Kelly"s victory.

Click the play switch on the video clip above come hear much more from Alton and Antonia, and also see just how Alton fared in handcuffs.

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