We’ve heard the suggestion much more than once below at tastecraftedmcd.com – permit cruise ships run without visiting any type of ports of speak to as a compromise to resume cruising, avoid coronavirus exposure in ports of call, and help save the industry.

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Just a few days ago, us asked top top Facebook, “Should cruise currently be allowed to sail from U.S. Port again this year?” One response: “Yes v no stops! enjoy the sea views and also the food!”

I inquiry Robert J. Kwortnik, Ph.D., a cruise expert and associate travel professor in ~ the Cornell SC Johnson university of Business, what the thinks.

“Cruises to nowhere would certainly hasten the go back to cruising,” he composed me in an email. “Veteran cruisers who simply enjoy being at sea and the plenty of amenities onboard today’s cruise ships would be many attracted come this option.”

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Cruises to nowhere were not uncommon a few years ago, and also loyal cruisers today space aching to cruise even if they don’t acquire off the ship.

But cruises to i do not have anything were halted in 2016 because of rules indigenous U.S. Customs and Border protection (CBP).

According to the article I composed in 2015, cruises to nowhere would finish in 2016 due to the fact that of a wrinkle v D-1 visas frequently issued to cruise delivery crews. You have the right to read in-depth explanations here and here.

Perhaps cruise companies can seek one exemption come the ban on cruises to nowhere. But the matter is facility by the U.S. Passenger Vessel services Act, spread in 1886 to defend U.S. Shipping interests.

“The problem, the course, is the antiquated Passenger Vessel solutions Act that doesn’t permit foreign-flagged ships from transporting passengers directly in between U.S. Ports,” Kwortnik said. “So, a cruise ~ above a foreign-flagged ship — i beg your pardon is the vast majority of cruise ships — the left Miami because that a cruise come nowhere and returned come Miami (or anywhere else in the U.S.) would be illegal and also fined heavily. Cruise lines could lobby to get rid of the PVSA, but this opens up up a whole other have the right to of worms around the tax and other benefits of foreign ‘flags the convenience’ supplied by cruise present that rely on the phibìc American market. Ns don’t watch cruise present wanting come fight that fight given the current organization environment.”

We’re an ext likely to watch itineraries that specifically visit cruise line-owned private islands and destinations, of which there are plenty of that qualified as international ports.

It’s particularly the situation for the true personal islands with few residents – like Royal Caribbean Group’s CocoCay and also Holland America Line’s fifty percent Moon Cay, both in The Bahamas. Wikipedia states CocoCay has actually a populace of 38, citing the 2010 Bahamas census. That certainly makes it basic to keep track of that is ~ above the island.

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(Other exclusive destinations – such as Carnival Corp.’s grand Turk Cruise Center and Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, are carved out of lived in islands – cool Turk in the Turks & Caicos and Haiti, respectively.)

“Cruises that only go to exclusive island destinations such as those in the Bahamas would surely help, together the cruise present can manage the guest environment and, most importantly, who is on the island — only health-screened cruise heat employees and also guests,” Kwortnik said. “This is one way to transaction not just with those destinations that are tentative about receiving cruises again, but also a method to alleviate passenger exposure come illnesses in ~ the destination. This is a main reason why the cruises that newly restarted in Europe room requiring guests to walk ashore just on cruise heat shore excursions where contact with locals deserve to be much better monitored if not substantially reduced.”

I’m not sure what will happen as we inch closer to resuming cruising indigenous the U.S. But like many of you, i can’t wait to plank a delivery again.