Friends at the Table (FatT) is an actual play podcast, concentrated on critical world-structure, smart characterisation and fun interactivity in between excellent friends. An actual play podcast is a type of podcast in which a group of civilization are recording themselves playing a tablepeak role-playing game (TTRPG). A tablepeak role-playing game is a role playing game wbelow the players define what they want their characters to carry out and also then roll dice to uncover out whether they fail or succeed and level up by getting experience points. Austin Walker, the organize, Video Game Master(GM) and also co-creator of FatT defines it as; ‘a little bit like a collaborative writer’s room with some dice thrvery own in.’


The second season of the FatT podactors was released July 1fifth 2015. It’s a science fiction game collection in a fictional star sector and taking catalyst from noir reflects, mecha anime, cyberpunk ideals and also cold war dramas. Tbelow are 3 primary nations.

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The Autonomous Diaspora, a democracy developed on algorithms and consistent voting yet protected by giant robots, referred to as Divines.

The People"s Conglomerate of Orion, or OriCon, once a worker’s paradise however currently an oligarchy, ruled by corporations.

The Apostolosian Empire, a monarchy that case that they are descended from the founders of Atlantis.

Player Characters

We view the most of a team called ‘The Chime.’ A collection of fixers and independent difficulty solvers.

AuDy is a robot played by Jack de Quidt and uses They/Them pronouns.

Aria Joie is an ex-pop idol played by Ali Acampora that provides She/Her pronouns.

Cassander Timaeus Berenice or Cass, is an apostolosian played by Art Martinez-Tebbel that also supplies They/Them pronouns.

Mako Trig, is a psychic hacker played by Keith J. Carberry and uses He/Him pronouns.

The personalities AuDy and Cassander usage They/Them as a singular pronoun. AuDy is explained as ‘genderless’ and Cassander is apostolisian and also they don’t have gender the exact same method as people execute. This short article provides gender neutral pronouns.

The Story

A touchrock for the display is the expression ‘We could’ve built them to look prefer anything, however we made them look favor us.’ It’s mostly provided in reference to the Divines, the sentient robots that the Autonomous Diaspora properly worship.

The Divines are called after different virtues or principles of humanity; Grace, Loyalty, Peace, etc. They have come to be even more than easy fabricated knowledge and have their own thoughts and also opinions on what’s happening about them. They perform job-related via a human pilot called a Candidate who shares a deep bond, both physically and emotionally, to serve society better. Each Divine connects to their Candidate in a different way, for example Integrity who is cybernetically implanted into their Candidate’s body.

It is uncertain wbelow they came from or exactly how they exceeded just being A.I as a lot of of them are huge humanoid robots, but some are programming systems or a kind of retractive armour. They are explained as having feelings and their very own thoughts that they share with their Candiday.

This produces an exciting contrast because of Divines being viewed as the only robots that have actually true thoughts of their own and AuDy, that just happens to be a robot via their very own sentience. Due to this, AuDy is regularly viewed as a malfunctioning robot to anyone who isn’t a player character. There is a minute wright here it is discussed if Mako has actually ever before tried to hack AuDy and over the course of the conversation, it is revealed that AuDy prizes their autonomy and also they trust Mako not to have actually hacked them. However before, if Mako had tried then AuDy would’ve gravely injured Mako for doing so.

Towards the show’s end, they discuss even more about what Divines are and also what makes them. They talk about where the Divines’ names come from and whether or not tright here is anypoint naturally righteous about the Divine Righteousness, or if that is somepoint that the human being that called it hoped that it would certainly be. They touch on the Divines being somejust how alive with their own thoughts or whether or not it is sindicate their pilots wish that they have these thoughts and also opinions.

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Overall, COUNTER/Weight is a dystopian storyline which has actually some deep themes however due to the characters that are played, hope and love and family members come with as the brighter spark in the show.

Austin Walker says it"s probably his favourite seaboy and as a fan, I think it"s mine also. It is one of the longer seasons through 46 episodes, including the human being structure, character building and also the write-up mortem episodes. Tbelow is something with personalities and also storyline that constantly manperiods to amazes and also astound me. The characters alone feel totally flemelted out via their very own individualities, bit quirks and inside jokes that I"m sure come from the actors themselves being very close.

Furthermore, the music by Jack de Quidt is stunning and also manperiods to breathe even even more life into the personalities and scenes through beautiful melodies wrange together to provide soft backing tracks.