If friend are structure your pc or currently using one and also looking for which cooler to use for your PC. Then you must have actually come across the fight of Noctua NH-D15 VS Cooler master V8 GTS.

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A CPU cooler is a must-have for your PC. The keeps your computer system components cool. The dissipates the heat produced in the PC, functioning properly to store the device cool, avoiding any damage to the hardware.

A trusted cooler does not only work optimally to save your system cool, however it ensures to store the temperature under for your expensive motherboard, processor, and the finest graphic card.

Both of these coolers are finest in their way. If you have to pick one of these, we have laid out a finish product to compare to help you decide which one is much better according come your pc needs. Therefore let’s check out the difference in cooler master V8 GTS VS Noctua NH-D15.

Noctua NH-D15Cooler grasp V8 GTS

About the product

Noctua NH-D15


This premium cooler because that CPU native Noctua, one Austrian brand, is one impeccable design with a double tower. NH – D15 is a flagship design from the firm with the highest demand. This architecture is one action ahead that its ancestors due to its improved efficiency and also automatic regulate of speed.

Noctua NH -D15 has won 350 recommendations and awards indigenous noble hardware magazines and also websites at the worldwide level. It top up its classification with the twin NF A15 fans and also expanded layout. That is researched to perform also well than part liquid coolers, which are considered better.

Its near-silent system gives an elite course performance with double fans and six warm pipes. The 2 NF -A5 140mm fans room optimized highly to serve you with very quiet operation and also speed control. The installation is super straightforward with the high-quality NT- H1 heat paste. You don’t also have the need of the second fan many of the moment at usual loads.

It is best to go in addition to Intel main point i3, i5, i7, and also i9 and also various models the AMD Ryzen. The six years long warranty is one more ideal feature of this cooler. Whether you room gaming or for various other workloads, the keeps your mechanism cool for longer working hrs efficiently.

NH- D15 is a top-notch waiting cooler through its ultimate room consumption, noise control, and also efficient cooling also at high temperatures.

Cooler understand V8 GTS

Cooler Master, a Chinese brand, presents its model, V8 GTS. The is a high performer in CPU cooling with its vapour chamber technology at the horizontal level. It is the latest addition to the well known V collection by the brand. The triple tower feature has given a new dimension to warm reduction. This function tends to mitigate the CPU hotspots and dissipates the heat equally come the eight warmth pipes maximizing that is performance.

The mere noise level of 36 decibels renders your system as quiet together possible. The lot of sockets available in it space compatible with countless of the AMD and also Intel CPU and APU. It has actually the ability to manage the thermal load of as much as mega 250 watts.

It has an aggressive and unique look through its significant design and also red LED lights. This offers an tremendous look to her system. This design of the Cooler Master has a mounting mechanism with your pc at a global level. That is compatible with most AMD and also Intel CPUs as soon as it is concerned around sockets. The processor speed of Noctua NH – D15 VS Cooler grasp V8 GTS i7 6700k is incredible.

As we are comparing cooler master V8 GTS VS Noctua NH-D15, it has actually the attribute of customizing and also tuning the noise and also the fan rate according come your forced sound and also performance. The 4th Generation POM (polyoxymethylene) bearing is very dustproof and also gives longevity of as much as 160,000 hours.

With all its high-grade features, V8 GTS provides you maximum cooling performance and efficiency.

Key specifications

The vital specifications the Noctua NH-D15 VS Cooler grasp V8 GTS will assist you recognize the basic difference between them. Now let’s compare the an essential specification of these to have actually a rapid idea of their features.


Key specifications

Noctua NH-D15

Cooler understand V8 GTS

Maximum airflow

82.5 CFM

82 CFM


300 – 1500 RPM

1600 RPM

Number that pipes




5.91 x 6.5 x 6.34 inches

6.6 x 6.1 x 5.9 inches

Cooling type

Air cooling

Air cooling


2.86 Pounds

3.10 Pounds

Power consumption

1.56 Watts

3.72 Watts








Noctua NH-D15



Noctua NH-D15 is accessible in a pretty brown color. This model is obtainable only in this color. The unusual however neutral color of this CPU cooler is a new vibe to go along with any PC. Yet it is also rejected by plenty of people based on its color as it appears to it is in a little odd with many of the pc and also gaming units.

Cooling performance

NH- D15 from Noctua is a twin tower design together with six warm pipes. This state-of-the-art design with two 140mm NF A15 fans with PWM support provides you a near-silent operation of this CPU cooler.

The automatic rate control role of the fans makes you tension-free. The fan adjusts the rate of the cooler according to the heat produced by the system. Friend don’t need to fidget through adjusting the rate manually.


This incredible cooler is compatible universally through CPU sockets native Intel 2011, 2011-3, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156. It is additionally compatible with CPU and also APU sockets of AMD: AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM2, and AM2+.

Material of heat sink

The material of the heat-dissipating sink of Noctua NH- D15 is Copper. Copper is an high-quality material, however it is a great conductor of heat, and also its tensile stamin is 40% higher as contrasted to aluminum.

Noise level

With the speed-reducing adapters, even when running at complete speed, this cooling pan is fully silent and gives a quiet operation for your tranquility of mind. When totally operating, it gives a right audible sound of 19.2- 24.6 decibels.

The fan speed offers a preferably of 1500 RPM. That is great enough to eliminate the warm from her system yet still, that is lesser 보다 the Cooler grasp V8 GTS.

Power consumption

The usual power usage of this model is 1.56 watts that are merely awesome when compared with the given cooling effect. The encourage processor power of this thermal architecture is 220 watts.


It has a 4-pin power connector and has a bearing kind of SSO2. The preferably TDP that a cooled CPU is 220 watts. The huge size makes the installation process quite easier. However it interferes v RAM space and doesn’t right in the instance easily. The preferably airflow offered by the pan is 82 CFM i m sorry is 41% more as compared to V8 GTS.

It marks approximately its call for overclocking enthusiasts and also works good with a complete tower. The mounting system is user-friendly and can be mounted easily.

Cooler understand V8 GTS



The design of cooler master V8 GTS is choose that the a mighty vehicle engine. V this powerful look and a black color body v red LED lights, it looks at sight cool v your CPU. For now, this design is available only in this color.

Cooling performance

The latest vapor chamber an innovation in V8 GTS gives it one edge come dissipate the heat eight times quicker as contrasted to warm pipes. This attribute divides the warm evenly between the warm pipes that execute not overload any single component.

The warmth sink through the triple tower is made up of 8 warm pipes which boosts the cooling impact to the preferably level. The stabilizes the temperature of her CPU at 32C and goes approximately 35C when over-loaded. It is perfect for any type of gaming enthusiast or a graphic geek, together it cools down the heavy loads top top your device with outclass efficiency.


The Noctua mounting device with SecuFirm 2 offers you safety, amazing quality, and easy usage. It support Intel LGA 2011-3, 1366, 2011, 2066, 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, and also 1200. It additionally supports AMDAM2, AM3, AM3+, FM!, FM2, and also FM2+.

The SecuFirm2 mounting offers you the perfect contact pressure and also extreme convenience on every the easily accessible sockets.

Material of heat sink

The product of the Cooler understand V8 GTS warmth sink is Aluminum made. Aluminum is a relatively poor conductor of warm as contrasted to copper. Although the is a lightweight material so if cook up, then it also cools down comparatively quicker than copper.

Noise level

The fan rate up to 1600 RPM gives a preferably cooling effect to her CPU, ensuring reliable cooling.

It produce a minimal noise level the 19-36 decibels. The noise deserve to be tuned carefully and customized by a manual control system.

Power consumption

The power usage of this CPU cooler is 3.72 watt which is considered average for any type of cooling agent because that CPU. The thermal strength recommended because that the processor is 180 watts.


The unique develop of the V8 GTS blows the end the air from the top of the cover. It gives you extr placement options. However the extra height of the architecture hinders the mounting of the cooler in a close-fitting. It has actually a 4-pin strength connector and has a strong kind of 4th generation POM bearing. The bearings are additionally dustproof. The preferably TDP of a cooled CPU is 250 watts. The maximum airflow is by the 20mm thick fan is 48 CFM i m sorry is fairly lesser than NH – D15.


The price is also the main element while purchase something. The product that gives maximum attributes at a an excellent price is thought about the best. Cooler understand V8 GTS supplying the latest and upgraded features is affordable through a price of $109.99. Noctua NH- D15 is a bit high priced 보다 the Cooler Master, v a price that $168.65.

This 35% difference in price saves you $58.66 and gives you more features prefer extra sockets and progressed cooling options.


The guarantee of a product point out its life quality and gives a feeling of satisfaction come the buyer. The Noctua NH- D15 comes with a 6 years guarantee of the product. The is long sufficient as compared to the price of the product and also its other competitors in the market. However, the Cooler grasp V8 GTS lacks below with the access of a 2-year guarantee only. Even though the is also great enough yet if you room comparing Noctua NH -D15 VS Cooler grasp V8 GTS, climate NH- D15 takes the command to rises the to trust in client by providing six years long warranty.

Noctua NH-D15 VS Cooler understand V8 GTS, which one is better?

Your queries and also doubts should be answered vitally prior to making any type of final purchase of a product. A cooling unit is yes, really important. It guarantee the security of other contents of your PC and saves them from the damages of high temperature by keeping them cool.

By now, you could have already decided top top the best one follow to your demand. Both of this cooling fans are optimal sellers and also customers" favorite. However if you have to select one based upon its cooling performance, incredible features, pocket-friendly, and also sturdy build, then Cooler grasp V8 GTS is far better than Noctua NH- D15. Its triple vapor room technology, eight warmth pipes, aluminum fins, high compatibility with many AMD and Intel CPUs, and also aggressive design make it the favourite one. Cooler understand V8 GTS additionally takes the lead due to its effective price. Noctua NH- D15 gift high priced, offer fewer attributes than Cooler grasp V8 GTS which renders it less likely to be bought through the customers.

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Ultimately, the selection is yours. If you room not low on budget, want a much longer warranty, and are an ext concerned about the warm sink material, then Noctua NH – D15 can be your go-to cooler.