The parasympathetic nervous mechanism is defined by peripheral ganglia usually close to the ________.

You are watching: Control of temperature, endocrine activity, and thirst are functions associated with the ________.

Cardiovascular results of the sympathetic department include all other than ________.A) dilation that the vessels serving the skeleton musclesB) dilation of the blood vessels serving the skin and digestive visceraC) boost of love rate and also forceD) constriction of many blood vessels
Over 90% of all parasympathetic yarn are acquired from cranial nerve number ________.A) V B) VII C) XII D) X
Which of this effectors is no directly controlled by the autonomic concerned system?A) smooth muscle B) many glands C) skeleton muscle D) cardiac muscle
Which that the following is no a result of parasympathetic stimulation?A) raised peristalsis that the cradle visceraB) salivationC) dilation of the pupilsD) remove of urine
The site of origin of the preganglionic yarn of the parasympathetic nervous mechanism is the ________.
The parasympathetic fibers of the ________ nerves innervate smooth muscles of the eye which cause the lenses come bulge come accommodate close vision.
Which is a unique sympathetic function?A) regulation the cardiac rateB) regulation of respiratory tract rateC) regulation that pupil sizeD) regulation of human body temperature
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