1. What is an instance of an M2M connection in the IoT?

A user sends an email over the Net to a friend.

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An automated alarm system in a campus sends out fire alarm messages to all students and also staff.

Sensors in a warehome connect with each other and also sfinish information to a server block in the cloud.*

Redundant servers communicate with each other to recognize which server should be energetic or standby.

2. What is the term for the expansion of the existing Net structure to billions of associated devices?





3. Which statement describes the Cisco IoT System?

It is an advanced routing protocol for cloud computing.

It is a switch operating device to integrate many type of Layer 2 security functions.

It is a rexternal operating mechanism combining IOS and also Linux for fog computer.

It is an facilities to control big range units of incredibly various endpoints and also platcreates.*

4. Which 3 netjob-related models are described in the fog computer pillar of the Cisco IoT System? (Choose three.)




fog computing*

enterpclimb WAN

cloud computing*

5. Which IoT pillar exhas a tendency cloud connectivity closer to the netjob-related edge?

management and also automation pillar

application enablement platdevelop pillar

network-related connectivity pillar

fog computing pillar*

6. Which cybersecurity solution is described in the protection pillar of the Cisco IoT System to resolve the security of power plants and factory procedure lines?

IoT physical security

IoT network-related security

cloud computer security

operational innovation particular security*

7. Which cloud computing possibility would administer the use of netoccupational hardware such as routers and switches for a particular company?

web browser as a business (BaaS)

framework as a company (IaaS)*

software as a company (SaaS)

wiremuch less as a service (WaaS)

8. What technology allows customers to access information all over and at any kind of time?

information analytics

Cloud computing*



9. What statement defines Fog computing?


It supports bigger netfunctions than Cloud computer does.

It creates a spread computing infrastructure that gives solutions cshed to the netjob-related edge.*

It calls for Cloud computing services to support non-IP allowed sensors and controllers.

It utilizes a centralized computing facilities that stores and also manipulates huge data in one exceptionally secure data facility.

10. Which Cloud computing organization would be finest for a brand-new organization that cannot afford physical servers and netfunctioning equipment and also have to purchase network-related solutions on-demand?





11. Which cloud model gives solutions for a specific company or entity?

a hybrid cloud

a neighborhood cloud

a public cloud

a personal cloud*

12. How does virtualization help via disaster recoexceptionally within a documents center?

guarantee of power

support of live migration*

supply of regular air flow

improvement of business practices

13. What is a difference in between the functions of Cloud computer and virtualization?

Cloud computing makes use of information facility modern technology whereas virtualization is not used in data centers.

Cloud computer requires hypervisor technology whereas virtualization is a fault tolerance innovation.

Cloud computing sepaprices the application from the hardware whereas virtualization sepaprices the OS from the underlying hardware.*

Cloud computer gives services on web-based access whereas virtualization provides services on information accessibility through virtualized Internet relations.

14. Which 2 organization and also technical difficulties does implementing virtualization within a data facility aid businesses to overcome? (Choose 2.)

server hardware needs

physical footprint*

power and also air conditioning*

operating mechanism license requirements

virus and spyware attacks

15. Which statement defines the principle of cloud computing?

separation of application from hardware*

separation of operating mechanism from hardware

separation of manage plane from information plane

separation of monitoring aircraft from regulate plane

16. Which is a characteristic of a Type 2 hypervisor?​

best suited for enterpincrease environments

installs straight on hardware

has actually direct access to server hardware resources

does not need administration console software*

17. Which is a characteristic of a Type 1 hypervisor?​

does not require monitoring console software

installed directly on a server​*

mounted on an existing operating system​

ideal suited for consumers and also not for an enterpincrease environment

18. How is the control airplane modified to run with network virtualization?

Control airplane redundancy is added to each network gadget.

The manage airplane feature is consolidated into a central controller.*

A hypervisor is mounted in each device to enable multiple instances of the control airplane.

The regulate airplane on each device is interassociated to a devoted high-speed network.

19. Which technology virtualizes the netoccupational control airplane and also moves it to a central controller?​



cloud computing

fog computing

20. Which 2 layers of the OSI design are connected with SDN network-related regulate airplane features that make forwarding decisions? (Choose 2.)​

Layer 1

Layer 2*

Layer 3*

Layer 4

Layer 5

21. What pre-populates the FIB on Cisco devices that usage CEF to process packets?

the routing table*

the ARP table

the DSP

the adjacency table

22. Which type of hypervisor would certainly most most likely be supplied in a documents center?

Type 1*

Type 2



23. What component is thought about the brains of the ACI architecture and translates application policies​?

the Nexus 9000 switch

the Application Policy Infraframework Controller*

the Application Network Profile endpoints

the hypervisor​

24. Fill in the empty.

In an IoT implementation, gadgets will certainly be linked to a “converged” netjob-related to share the exact same facilities and to facilitate communications, analytics, and also administration.

25. Fill in the blank.

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In a scenario wright here a user through a lapoptimal running the Mac OS installs a Windows virtual OS circumstances, the user is implementing a Type “2” hypervisor.