But fish or seeds in the liquid press.

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Example: 1 x Unappetizing Fish = 1 x oilYou will discover the whole list here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Oil

I prefer to make oil by setup up a fishing hut. Fish you capture in traps = location them in a fluid press.Unappetizing Fish = 1 come 1 oilSavory Fish = 5 come 1 oilExotic Fish = 10 come 1 oil

Unappetizing Fish once cooked produce ichor instead of oil.

Grab a sickle, smack down a s**t fill of bushes, conference bazillions that bugs and place them right into multiple fish traps. You gain unappetizing fish from that, i m sorry is pointed out before, the best for acquiring oil by pressing them down.

I personally uncover things out by pure accident or dumb luck. Another way to rise fish from nets is to placed the grubs from friend compost heap in the nets (though this might be shellfish nets).

I usually conserve unappetizing fish for Ichor (lots that this necessary to build DLC bases

) and put some 4 or six liquid presses nearby to transform two other types of fish right into Oil. 5 tool or 10 “best” fish give 1 Oil.


Savory Fish = 5 to 1 oil

I’m not sure why, but for everything reason i had persuaded myself the savory fish didn’t create oil in the press. Maybe when I make the efforts it i didn’t have actually a big enough stack size. I’ve put practically everything I can think of, even things that don’t make sense right into every container and maker and push play to check the result. It’s just how I found you could get blood indigenous the press and also bonemeal native the severed limbs. It’s exactly how I uncovered the recipe because that star metal ingots. Every this time i’ve been putting the savory fish right into the compost since I believed it had actually no better uses.

If girlfriend don’t need the plant fiber and only want the bugs, you have the right to use any kind of other harvesting tool (pickaxe, yog cleaver, etc) come harvest the bushes. You will certainly only obtain the insects. No plant fiber, no seeds.


I’m not certain why, yet for whatever reason i had encouraged myself the savory fish didn’t create oil in the press.

It’s kinda funny that ns squeeze savory fish right into oil, yet cook unappetizing fish to be used as food for my wheels of luck (because I need the ichor that comes together a by-product). Sometimes I squeeze unappetizing fish into oil too once I need many it, however no-one in my military eats savory fishes.

I chef the unappetizing fish because that ichor then permit them to spoil and press the putrid meat for much more ichor.

small shrimps additionally give ichor once cooked in 1:1 proportion , so save ur blue fishes for oil and also place shrimps in fire for ichor!!! i have actually a ton that fishtraps and also presses (cause i am freaking lazy for this procedure ) so ns either squeeze out or cook… every gathering offers me an ext than 4k oil/ichor so, that is not an daily task!


There’s one even better (and faster!) means of make oil, relying on where your main base is built. If you’re on the upper fifty percent of the map, whereby bark is scarce, through all way ignore this. But, if you’re much more desert-friendly, you can want to take into consideration this.

Since you deserve to put a few fish traps inside a big well, you can just develop a base close to a dead tree “forest” and resource all your ichor indigenous there, so you don’t even have to move! Or girlfriend can collection up a little fishing hut top top the riverside and, instead of having a substantial press complex, you simply need a few presses to turn the savory and exotic fish into oil, and fires to cook the unappetizing fish (tip: savory and exotic shellfish cannot be pressed and also will not yield ichor once cooked, so shellfish traps are not efficient) and then just lug the ichor to her base to turn it into oil together you require it (and, since ichor is arguably much more precious than oil, it’s far better to have actually a large stock the ichor and convert come oil than simply sit ~ above a lot of oil).

For much better efficiency, obtain a witch doctor alchemist.It has actually a recipe that renders 5 oil indigenous 1 bark and also ichor.Bark is not too tough to get 1000 of, and fish cook into ichor way faster than press right into oil.Plus currently you can acquire 5 oil out of one blue fish, and likewise don’t have to decide push for oil or chef for ichor. Just make them every ichor, and craft into oil as needed.This is because that the blue fish only. I placed the medium and bigger fish in press simply to obtain something the end of them.

Plus the press only goes one speed, you deserve to speed cooking up with named cook.

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Plus all the extra fish have the right to be provided on thrall wheels. So no waste, and an ext uses out of the one blue fish.