After updating to the latest version of Xcode in ~ the moment (version 10.0) the task is unable to build due to the fact that it found some errors about some "Command CompileSwift failed through a nonzero leave code" error.

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How perform I resolve this errors?They show up in most of the ford (I usage CocoaPods) I usage inside my project.

I have actually tried updating the pod version and also the ford to the latest variation available, but the problem is tho there.

I have actually searched a lot with the web and there is very tiny information about this issue.

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For me, just cleaning project works usingShiftCommandK & OptionShiftCommandK.

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You"re most most likely not reading the whole error message. If girlfriend look over the "Command CompileSwift failed through a nonzero leave code" post you should find some specification choose this:


In this instance I had two records with the very same name. As soon as I solved it every little thing worked as it should.

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Currently my build is working.Here you are the steps I tried till it ultimately worked:

Search in the whole project words CommonCrypto.If you have actually a Pod containing the header import, eliminate this Pod native the Podfile and perform a pod install.Clean and also build the project.Add again the Pod to the Podfile and also perform a pod install.Clean and also build the project again making use of a real maker if possible.

And If friend don"t have actually that Pod, possibly you can try by make the same procedures with some old Pod the you may encounter in her project.

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Added information: also If you have some code error within a Pod, very first you need to solve that code problem and also then shot to translate in again the project.

I"m going come copy the transforms made in my project.pbxproj. I recognize it"s not an extremely helpful but it"s the only thing the have changed in the git difference commit:

Removed: BDC9821B1E9BD1B600ADE0EF /* (null) in resources */ = isa = PBXBuildFile; ;Added: BDC9821B1E9BD1B600ADE0EF /* BuildFile in resources */ = isa = PBXBuildFile; ;I expect this can help,