Developer: EA Los AngelesRelease date: 2006Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Real-time strategyVersion: Full Game

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Command & Conquer: The an initial Decade is a compilation the the Command & overcome series\" games published indigenous 1995 to 2003, every bundled right into one DVD and also updated to run optimally on home windows XP. It was released top top February 7, 2006 and also sold for the price the one sleeve game. Additionally included in the compilation to be a bonus DVD which take it a look behind the scene of the successful franchise, including interviews v producers, old ide art, various soundbites, and a montage that the winning fan videos the the \"Are you The greatest C&C Fan?\" competition organized prior come the compilation\"s release.

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Other items included in the compilation was an A3 (A4 in more recent boxes) poster through high-quality C&C provides on both sides, among which has been shown to it is in a teaser picture for EA\"s Command & conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, and also a 65-page manual that only consists of unit descriptions and also hotkeys for each that the included games.

New video game content

The an initial DVD delivers each of the gamings with their most recent patches used (except Command & Conquer: Red Alert i m sorry wasn\"t delivered at the latest version because of the recent patch being a beta version), every one of which are bundled into a solitary installer. The initial installers for the games, i m sorry were known to be really immersive and also graphically pleasing, were not included. Castle were changed by a solitary standard InstallShield sorcerer’s installer. The installer does enable the player to pick and choose what to install, but assuming that all the games are selected, a complete of 7 different serial secrets need to be entered.

The compilation comes together its very own program, through a launcher which enables players come choose in between the installed games. A third-party shortcut installer has actually been made to produce shortcuts for each the the individual games.

Bugs and also Patches

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Many bugs have been report to be existing in electronic Arts\" The first Decade pack, including some the didn\"t impact the initial releases that the games. EA responded by releasing two patches: v1.01 and v1.02. Furthermore, an unofficial patch, v1.03, has due to the fact that been exit by nathancnc indigenous Ontario, Canada. That does not require the v1.01 or v1.02 patches, together it includes all of the fixes indigenous them plus more and negates the require for the DVD to be in the drive while playing. It is accessible only for the English version of The very first Decade; it will certainly not work-related on the German version. It have the right to be downloaded from Command & Patch. A second unofficial update, v1.04, to be announced but eventually cancelled.

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The very first Decade received a \"Silver\" sales compensation from the entertainment and recreation Software Publishers association (ELSPA), denote sales of at least 100,000 copies in the unified Kingdom.