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Citi ar General Information

Citi field Attendance
Despite declining attendance because its debut in 2009, Citi field still averages about 31,000 fans, and also is 74% full. There will certainly be seats accessible on the primary market, yet a great inventory the the ideal seats will be discovered on an additional markets together as trusted online brokers Ticket Network and also AwesomeSeating. The Mets box Office has actually one the the most complicated ticket pricing schemes around, through 5 various pricing levels for each kind of seat, depending upon the game. The many expensive gamings are opening day and Yankee games. Prices might fluctuate from the prices provided below, based on supply, demand, and other factors. We always suggest that you compare shop a couple of brokers prior to buying, however generallywe uncover one of these peak 5 baseball ticket brokers will acquire you the best mix of price and inventory.

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Reselling tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets in ~ 500 yards (1500 feet) of Citi field is prohibited
More ~ above the Mets:Complete Citi ar Guide for Travelers

Best see at Citi Field

Awesome see from "press box" height. this seats space on the expensive side, averaging ~$120ish (ranging indigenous $42 under the lines on "value dates" come $231 for the sections behind the plate at Yankees/opening job games)...but you obtain what you salary for. They space padded seats, and provide access to an indoor bar with outstanding views , as well as two other exclusive areas.
The entire sections aren"t bad...actually offering some affordable seating options, back the check out isn"t the finest in the ballpark. But, be mindful that we"ve recieved feedback the the first few rows room obstructed by handrails, staircases, and the assistant scoreboards. Also, the last rows in sections 536-538 room obstructed by the the end of town scoreboard (as well together being a lengthy distance native the plate!).
These left field upper deck seats are quite a street from homeplate - due to the fact that the price differential is generally around $5, we"d introduce you pay a small extra to have actually much better seats on the level just listed below (Left ar Landing 334-337) - or come look for seats in Right field section 301 (read much more here)

Best worth Seating for Mets games

Most Affordable good View! this infield part offer great views that the entire field indigenous mid/high level, but not as well high approximately feel close come the action. Be prepared for foul balls, particularly in part 413-416. Not the cheapest seats through average confront value $60 (ranging native $36 come $84 relying on game), but likewise not also close come the many expensive seats in the house.

Citi ar Promenade club 409 View

Note: section view photograph is approximate. Photo noted by SeatData

These upper level sections overhang the ar in ideal field, capturing homerun balls that would certainly otherwise land on the warning track. Fans have actually raved of the affordability, view, and also the truth that concession lines it seems to be ~ shorter. The view is not bad, but in some locations you will not be able to see warning track or bullpens. Show up at an early stage (gates open up 2½ hours before gametime) because that batting practice and also bring your glove! face Value native $24 to $56, through most gamings falling in the $32-$48 range.

Best seat for households at Citi Field

We love this sections for a couple of reasons. First, they are lower level - no need to drag the household to the height of the stadium! They"re likewise the most affordable reduced level seat at Citi Field, clocking in around $30 on Ticket Network (before fees).

They room close come the Mets FanFest, top top the field-level concourse beyond center field. In this area, you"ll uncover appearances through Mr. Met, a batting cage, dunk tank, and also other attractions must the youngsters lose attention in the game. The FanFest area opens up when entrances open, and closes during the 7th inning stretch.


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Best seat to admire Guests

lower level seats right behind house plate, the see from the seat alone room impressive...but wait, there"s more! The seats are padded, theatre-style seats and also offer in-seat wait service, and provide accessibility to many restricted-access clubs. Even an ext impressive is the price on this seats - Delta club Silver level seat been uncovered on TicketNetwork
for just over $100, a great value. If you desire to sit in the first couple of rows, those seats are taken into consideration "Gold" level, and are priced accordingly at around $400 every game. Girlfriend can"t go wrong v either alternative if you space looking come seal the deal!

View native Delta society Seats - section 17

Note: section view photograph is approximate. Photo noted by SeatData

Best seats for catching Baseballs

These upper level sections overhang the field in best field, recording homerun balls that would otherwise land on the warning track. Fans have raved the the affordability, view, and also the reality that concession lines it seems ~ shorter. The view is not bad, however in some locations you will certainly not have the ability to see warning monitor or bullpens. Present up early on (gates open 2½ hours prior to gametime) because that batting practice and bring her glove! confront Value from $24 to $56, with most gamings falling in the $32-$48 range.

Best Seats for Autographs

lower level seats simply past the infield, these offer a great view close come the action if you desire to sit here during the game, and also offer access to the Acela Club, a fine dining restaurant through views that the playing field and Skyline. All fans are allowed in this area because that autographs before gametime, so that is ideal to gain here automatically after entrances open, 2 hours before the video game (Rotunda gate). Guests without tickets in these locations will be asked to leave at the conclusion that batting practice (about 45 minutes before gametime). Tickets range around $120. Because that Mets autographs, ar 110 is best, conversely, visiting pan will desire to cave out near section 126 because that their groups autographs.

New York Mets autograph seekers in ~ the prior of field Box ar 110

Note: ar view photo is approximate. Photo detailed by SeatData

Unique seats at Citi Field

This right-centerfield section is composed of 18 tables with four seats facing the field. These space ticketed seat (not first-come first-serve) and also can be hard to find due to the fact that there are just 72 of these accessible per game.

Citi field Bridge Terrace view - section 143

Note: section view photo is approximate. Photo noted by SeatData


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