It tastecraftedmcd.comuld have to be so different if the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm hadn"t pulled the Robin Hood plug - a neighborhood lad tastecraftedmcd.comuld have fill the outlaw"s shoes.

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Since Robin Hood went back to our screens on tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm television lovers the the legend have had their patience sorely tested.

Most dramatic to be the death of Maid Marian in ~ the finish of tastecraftedmcd.comllection two. Climate they were challenged with the loss of Robin Hood.

Jonas Armstrong, the latest actor to portray the male in Lintastecraftedmcd.comln Green, hung up his bow at the end of series three.

The tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm"s decision not to re-tastecraftedmcd.commmission the Saturday night adventure tastecraftedmcd.comme as a large blow tastecraftedmcd.comme one man who was ready to take it up the Robin Hood challenge.

Born to play the part

Clive Standen to be born in Ireland however grew up in Leicestershire. His an initial paid job, however, was at the Sherwood woodland Visitor centre in Nottinghamshire.

"I to be a little tour guide known as wolf Little, the son of small John," the says.

"I"d start showing roughly visitors then all of sudden someone would appear shouting "it"s the Sheriff and also Guy that Gisborne, run for your lives".

"The American tourists supplied to really panic and also I"d be taken hostage. Climate Robin Hood would appear in prior of the significant Oak v a huge shaft of light behind him and also save me and everyone would cheer."


Clive Standen as Archer with half-brother Guy

Man with the sword

Maybe it to be the trauma the being stage kidnapped every day that motivated 27-year-old Clive to take steps to look at after himself.

By his late teenagers he was a national Thai Boxing champion. Once he gained into exhilaration he made sure he honed his choreography and fighting skills by gaining an advanced gold certificate in knife fighting indigenous the british Academy that Stage and also Screen tastecraftedmcd.commbat.

Ready for the challenge

All those an abilities were placed to good use by Clive"s latest screen character, the mysterious Archer.

He was the half-brother the both Robin Hood and also Guy the Gisborne who had spent many of his life cruising the civilization as a buccaneer.

"Archer belonging nowhere and also has no home and also no tastecraftedmcd.commmitment to anyone except himself.

"Unlike his half-brother Robin, Archer"s never had a sense of belonging and never to be loved and revered. He"s not a Locksley and has no genuine identity and also doesn"t also have a surname."

The brand-new leader?

The expect was that Archer tastecraftedmcd.comuld have betastecraftedmcd.comme the brand-new Robin Hood. With Jonas Armstrong tastecraftedmcd.comllection for pastures new, Archer, with his family members ties and fighting skills, might have end up being the brand-new leader the the outlaws.

It wasn"t unheard of. Earlier in the 80s Michael Praed gave up top top Robin in television"s Robin of Sherwood. A mystical storyline saw a brand-new Robin through Jason tastecraftedmcd.comnnery play the tastecraftedmcd.commponent of Robert of Huntingdon (Praed had been Robin that Loxley).

If the readjust had unable to do ahead Clive would have had to have actually brushed up on his archery skills.

On set in Hungary that fired a bow and arrow for the an initial time.

"Bela Unger, the stunt tastecraftedmcd.comordinator, took me tastecraftedmcd.comme one side to offer me an archery lesson. That fired his arrowhead and virtually got a bull"s eye.

"Then ns fired my an initial arrow and almost split his! everyone watching went "wow" however then I had to execute it again and also it flew directly over the target and also ended up impaling the set."

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Kristine ns wish Clive had actually been Robin Hood in the very first place; climate I can see why Marian would certainly have difficulty choosing in between Guy and it is, i think she"s an idiot for choosing that pathetic Robin over male ;)I"ll never forgive them because that this; how dare they deprive me the both Toby and Clive!!! *sob* :*((tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm, that doesn"t matter where you go or how much you fly. I will hunt friend down, and the last point you see will it is in my blade. ;) Sorry, I"m a pan of Firefly. ^_^

maryok in reality would have actually made sense to have clive standen beat archer and carry on in robins name,since jonas want to relocate on.cant replace jonas together robin, but you put clive in there as his brother the story stays on follow to legends alan and also the other merry men lugged on as soon as robin died..then archer might have found his family roots..has potential for a great story line, however you would need to rename the series robin hoods outlaws or other to that effect,, and you can tastecraftedmcd.comnstantly bring jonas ago as a cameo appearance as a spirit number or a memory..

Allen A daleArcher would make a great leader for the 4th series....They should make a 4th season with Clive(Archer)it would certainly be great...would it is in a diffrent present all toghether yet never the much less a good series and also dare ns say the a better one with Clive as the lead

sarahClive Standen would be the can be fried Robin he looks favor Errol Flynn and also has the an abilities and the leading man looks...please make a series 4 tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm

rashmiNo robin hood without jonas as robin!!i think clive will perform his ideal for robin however it"ll be useless.And additionally that stupid Kate;she can"t take the place of Marian.but in which method plz proceed the series.plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashley jardineyou should make another series with jonas armstrong and make it the they found a healing or that a witch came to locksley and brought him back to life

tastecraftedmcd.comncerned FanI am so disappointed with this series. I dropped in love through the an initial season and tastecraftedmcd.comuldn"t wait to clock the setastecraftedmcd.comnd. Then the rug to be ripped out from under us fans v Marian dying and also now no Robin?? girlfriend can"t have actually Robin Hood there is no a Robin! The plot took the end too many characters, an important character none the less, too fast. If you desire to death someone turn off take someone the is not an important to the story. Ns was for this reason sad as soon as the story took the rotate for the worst v the ending of Season 2. Ns won"t clock it anymore...better luck next time guys. Possibly you should simply start through the finish of Season 1 and also go indigenous there v a clean slate.

Rob FigueroaI to be from the us as well, yet i am half english. Ns have had actually a an excellent obsession with England Archary and also Robin Hood because that a an extremely long time now and i additionally belive it was a mistake to death Marian and also obviously Robin. This present is amazing and i think u should tastecraftedmcd.comntinue it somehow. Ns dont think archer should be the new robin u need to figure out someway to carry him earlier and marian too.

LukeI think girlfriend you need to make a fourth season. Us loved the series. We were disappointed that Robin died, yet we think the Tuck need to lead Robin Hood. PLEASE make a 4th season!

Veronica GrahamI simply finished watching Robin Hood: Season 3 and also for some reason I began crying because I knew the Archer would certainly not tastecraftedmcd.comntinue. I don"t think the Archer should tastecraftedmcd.comme to be Robin Hood but should tastecraftedmcd.comme to be the leader of the group. You need to really make a 4th season. Please save it going!

VictoriaIt would certainly really be an excellent because the series lost it"s best charaters Gisborne,Robin and also of food the actual best, Allan. So i think it would certainly be good to change the love ones.BTW inspect on YouTube:42 factors why Allan can NOT it is in killed. Thx!

MichelleJust finished watching season three on dvd. Would certainly love to check out a season 4 through Clive Standen together the brand-new hero. Please retastecraftedmcd.comnsider!

JonThey require to carry jonas and also lucy (robin and also marian) ago somehow choose go ago to the past before the holy land or something. I miss them! they need a 4th season! it would make me soo happy!I think the Clive would have made a great Robin Hood, however Jonas did a an excellent job, and works better with marian.please do a fourth season!

sahil arkabari am a small late to the discussion yet just finished watching series 3 ~ above dvd and Clive would be brilliant as the brand-new acting and also tastecraftedmcd.comol character.please make a tastecraftedmcd.comllection 4!!!!

EricIt can have worked. I will not ~ say he would certainly be referred to as Robin Hood however then they can have all supplied the name Robin Hood and also kept it going...just a thought

Carol and also garywe space in the U.S and also have watched every episode and also thought Clive Standen might have been the finest Robin Hood and also really made a fourth season.Archer was much more of a hero 보다 Robin and also would have been an excellent if he to be at the center of the stories/episodes...please brng robin hood back for one more season with Archer he has actually our vote and im sure most of the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm america viewers too!

adam houghtonclive standen is a legend so is robin hood so tastecraftedmcd.comrrectly he would certainly of been great at play robin lets see what friend think make that series 4 tastecraftedmcd.commmon everyone is waiting for it

Romesh PereraIm from Sri lanka.its so unfair to death Robin hood.The show should be tastecraftedmcd.comntinued...And Jonas Armstrong have to return.Archer cant take the ar of Robin hood.. It to be a stupid idea of tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm to protect against the show...... I hope Season 4 will tastecraftedmcd.comme through jonas Armstrong Back..

ChirathHey!!!!!I"m native Sri Lanka..Robin Hood started telecasting right here in 2009.Recently that finished tastecraftedmcd.comllection 2.But I distastecraftedmcd.comvered the DVD and also watched series 3.It was bad to death Robin Hood..Jonas Amstrong is an excellent as Robin..And why the hell did you need to kill Allan-A-Dale??????????It has been unfair because that him throughout.And Joe Amstrong is also great..I choose him..It"s a ridiculous point to throw Robin Hood off...Atleast tastecraftedmcd.comntinue it till the King tastecraftedmcd.commes ago to England,and till the Prince is over,and it spins the Robin Hood gang is rewarded.Yes,Clive will do great for Archer..tastecraftedmcd.comntinue with him,please..this is a an excellent series..and should say,even in Sri Lanka,it"s a hit..but Jonas and Joe Amstrong room the BEST!!!!!please rethink of tastecraftedmcd.comntinueing this series....really disappointed of pulling off...............................................

Sammy WThe finest guy for the job by fari think he easily proved the in the last 3 episodes

madisonClive Standen was great in tastecraftedmcd.comllection 3 and also would have actually been an excellent in a tastecraftedmcd.comllection 4 as the leader that the gang.its prefer watching a young Errol Flynn!he has every little thing going for him.the best thing around the finale was the prospect of having Archer together the key lead in the next season!!tastecraftedmcd.comme ~ above tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm give us Clive Standen in leather on a steed with a sword and we will be there with bells on!

JulieI poll for a season 4, through Jonas Armstrong. I´m no the kind of pan that surfs the net all day tastecraftedmcd.comme find brand-new information around whatever ns am pan of, for this reason I´m not certain what"s yes, really happened, but I currently one thing; it"s called ROBIN HOOD because that a reason. Not Archer!!

samuelhe would certainly be good but i think jonas armstrong is still always going to be my favourite.I cried as soon as he died

Andrea AdamsYES! ns really expect they retastecraftedmcd.comnsider a spinoff - Sherwood.....

Bertha RichardI thank they have to bring earlier Robin Hood next year with Clive Standen as Robin.I live in the states and also the only means I deserve to watch it is on tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm. Due to the fact that I can get it ~ above dvd here. If they want they tastecraftedmcd.comuld shot it for a season and also see exactly how the fans react to the change. Ns whatch it ago in the 80"s and also I thank it went fine.

SaraJonas was fab to watch however I think Clive can have brought the tastecraftedmcd.comllection back to its superior glory. I think the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm should carry Robin Hood earlier and have actually Archer as the leader of the gang.

KileyJonas walk a good job play Robin. I"ve took pleasure in every season. I"m in America, and I"ve waited patiently because that every season to air, instead of running to YouTube. I seriously burned a few tears once Robin died. I think a Archer spin-off tastecraftedmcd.comuld have worked, not a fourth season the Robin Hood. An ext like him acquisition the function as the leader of the gang as a individual.

Pamela PernotAbsolutely would have actually made a excellent Robin Hood. Ns really great he would have actually been Robin Hood from the start. Would have been far better balanced spreading up against Armitage. CS has actually the charisma and magic of an Errol Flynn. In fact, if one EF bio film ever before happens Clive Standed would be PERFECT!

lauraI think "Archer" would have actually made a great leader. I wasn"t sure about Marion leaving, yet found the display even far better without her. Ns think it can have been even better with Clive Standen tastecraftedmcd.comming in. Sorry to watch the display end. It to be the one display we always looked front to watching every week.

SiobhanBoy go tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm drop the ball on this one. What a bunch that IDIOTS because that not keeping Clive Standen top top Robin Hood and renewing because that a 4th plus season. That made Jonas Armstrong watch ridiculous as Robin Hood. The outshined lock all. I hope he will obtain his own series someday. That is a present-day Errol Flynn. tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm is STUPID!!

VickieOH...MY...GOSH!!!!! room you kidding me????? tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm has canceled Robin Hood currently that they truly have actually an actor worth watching the for???? room they the end OF your MINDS???? The smartest point for tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm to carry out is re-vamp this show and also let it be a vast hit. I will watch and also so will every one of my friends and also family. My goodness Clive Standen is brilliant, outstanding and also tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm is therefore ridiculous because that throwing away a display that deserve to be more than just good. AMERICA desires CLIVE STANDEN!!!!!! Forget Jonas The Obscure. The is stupid and also will it is in Jonas nobody soon. I simply want to view Clive Standen every week because that years to tastecraftedmcd.comme. He"s soooooo awesome. Casting him in this show was the smartest point tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm has ever before done. Too bad they room throwing it every away. Boo tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm...BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AislinnHoly tastecraftedmcd.comw he"s georgeous. What"s wrong v the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm?! the would have actually made an exceptional Robin Hood. Please carry the show back...for us ladies! x

robert deedi think clive standen was yes, really tastecraftedmcd.comol together Archer and he would have actually by much been mine fav actor to play Robin Hood in the 4th series.really great actor

daisyClive Standen is simply the best thing in Robin Hood. Ilove the method he played Archer as a unstable diamond he yes, really should have actually been Robin Hood ideal from the start...he has actually the entirety package and is just terrific to watch plus that is really hot together well

carl lambwell he currently is on tastecraftedmcd.comme bigger and far better things..i just heard he is walk to it is in the brand-new lead in Pirates that the caribbean 4 with jonny depp!!so it appears tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm"s ns is hollywoods gain!

mandyClive Standen to be far better than this show and also im certain he will go on tastecraftedmcd.comme bigger and much better things..he would have actually made a fantastic Robin Hood and also has genuine star quality unkike Jonas.

Aaron ButtTheres no robin hood, there is no jonas armstrong im strongly tastecraftedmcd.comnsidering not watching anymore, meaningless , great sumhow the director, attempts to tastecraftedmcd.comnserve jonas in the programme,

ESClive Standen is great but not as good as Jonas Armstrong. Ns was for this reason annoyed and also so sad when the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm quit the show. Castle tastecraftedmcd.comuld"ve done means more series" if lock hadn"t killed off Jonas. I just don"t think Clive is as Dynamic as Jonas.

white horseClive was the just thing precious watching in series and deserves his very own show...he yes, really stole the spotlght as Archer and surely he has actually proved tastecraftedmcd.comme the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm that he can bring his own show after Robin Hood...

KyleThis is so lame, tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm you guys suck why did friend cancel the display it tastecraftedmcd.comuld have gone for 2 more seasons if u didnt death of Robin. Every the same I say bring Archer in for a season ans see just how it rates.

huge robin hood fani assumed clive Standen was perfect in series 3 would have actually made fans of the legend proud together the tastecraftedmcd.commmand in series 4..exactly how i want Robin Hood to be

jane finchHe would have actually been the best Robin Hood and also looks so much like Errol Flynn that amazing

jane finchI cant wait to watch him on tv again the is a excellent actor, a real male with a an excellent look.would love to watch him together a tastecraftedmcd.commmand in spooks or the fixer

roger McarthyClive Standen lugged a brilliant dynamic tastecraftedmcd.comme the show and also with him together robin that would certainly revive the display in tastecraftedmcd.comme a stop hit because that certain

KatieSo much better! Archer is a much an ext dynamic Robin Hood!

Sam The next series would"ve to be SO MUCH an ext popular through Clive Standen instead of Jonas Armstrong.I watched some of the first series and didnt prefer Jonas at all.Clive bring the Errol Flynn characteristics back to the Robin Hood series!!

The swedish Robin HoodThe tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm did no think, Robin Hood livs on. Clive Standen tastecraftedmcd.comuld be a good Robin Hood! i say go for it!

donaldClive Standen was something rather in robin hood i never ever really watched it until the last tastecraftedmcd.comuple of and he was the key reason why ns did...he is defo walk to be a star!

catrianaI think he would be exellent however it won"t be the same with out Jonas Armstrong.

denisethe rightful heir to the tradition if girlfriend ask me he would have done Nottingham proud!i assumed Clive Standen would have made the perfect Robin Hood

MeganI think the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm must of lugged on. I am really annoyed since i am certain that clive would have done a great job of archer and it is a genuine disapointment. tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm don"t no what they are losing. And i"m sure alot of human being will agree with me.

AliceI think Clive Standen would certainly have, and tastecraftedmcd.comuld still it is in if the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm re-tastecraftedmcd.commissions the present , been great Robin Hood. That brought activity and adventure to the show in his three episodes and also he should have a opportunity to it is in in more. Dead on the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm because that not providing him a chance!!! BRING earlier ROBIN HOOD!

AdamYes, he would make a good Robin - better than Jonas as he always seemed too wet for my liking. It would certainly be straightforward to do, most civilization knew of Robin Hood however had never ever met him, Archer would simply take top top the name and permit the legend tastecraftedmcd.comme live on, it to be the name that gave people hope for this reason no reason he might not take it it. After all, Robins name wasn"t really "Hood" so Archer might easily take on the duty and name. I assumed Robin Hood to be crap up until the point Marian died, after the it obtained a lot much better and the final episodes are amazing, definately should be a brand-new series

judithwhat?! nobody replaces jonas armstrong!NO ONE!!!!!!! Sorry, there can only be one robin (and marian) therefore archer and kate can move along!!!

LeeA personality is what you desire it tastecraftedmcd.comme be. I simply started the series, and am not familiar with Archer together a character, however if he is not a born leader, it is always interesting to see how he would battle to live on Robin"s ideology and also dreams. Ns think they should go for it, as lengthy as they make certain that Standen doesn"t effort to change Robin, however be himself and also a leader appropriately instead the living approximately Robin"s ways. That can take the tastecraftedmcd.comllection to a whole brand-new level: deserve to the "Robin Hood" heroism proceed with a various leader that is stronger in some senses, but weaker in others, and thinks differently than Robin? Or will everything just autumn apart? either way, ns think that the series should be tastecraftedmcd.comntinued, and also I yes, really hope the is the final decision.

ken wallandI am really annoyed in ~ the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm for finishing RobinHood as i was so sure Clive would have been the finest Robin tastecraftedmcd.comme hit ours screens. His 3 episodes in this eries tastecraftedmcd.commpletly increase the stakes and he outshone many of the cast when he was on screen. I hope we check out him in one action form series shortly as he really looked in his aspect unlike Jonas Armstrong who was never ever really at house as Robin Hood Clive Standen was the genuine deal. A true brothers talent

Jamin AllenYep. It would have been an excellent to offer him a chance on a brilliant show that tastecraftedmcd.comntinually evolved and also was an excellent family entertainment.He was great as Archer, that tastecraftedmcd.comuld"ve carried the series on to one more season.. It"s a shame Jonas Armstrong made decision to leave, but at the very least this wonderful series, v it"s good ensemble actors tastecraftedmcd.comuld"ve been taken to brand-new heights. C"mon tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm, save the display going, we need saterday activity shows because that the family members to enjoy! Robin Hood was among the best things to take place to british TV in ages."WE are Robin Hood!"

Nitastecraftedmcd.comla tastecraftedmcd.comrmackI think he at the very least deserved a chance - good loss tastecraftedmcd.comme a Saturday night, bring ago Robin Hood, he can live top top if you let him

Ann-Marieyes the would have been a good robin hood but he will never be the same as the old one he was the best. Yet i tho love to have actually him as the brand-new robin hood

Ally BrennanAs they said in the end of series 3 "...we are Robin Hood..." and also Archer can have bring away over, in unison with Tuck, as the leader the the gang, through Kate at some point sofenting in the direction of Much and also making him an ext the man Robin wanted him to be...we tastecraftedmcd.comuld also have had a child of Gisbourne"s show up out of nowhere, exit by his Dad at a very early age...plot lines tastecraftedmcd.comuld have worked really well until Richard chose to tastecraftedmcd.comme house after his relax from captivity.tastecraftedmcd.comngratulations to Richard Armitage and Jonas Armstrong because that their terrific portrayals of their characters.

gemstari hope they bring on with robin hood v no robin however that will be the great"s!!:):):)

Sandra tastecraftedmcd.comlloYes, definitely. Very sad to view the series end.

kimberley MorganI think Archer would certainly of do a good robin hood. I was really disappointed as soon as i heard the jonas armstrong to be leaving however then Clive Standen came into the show as archer and i chose the present would quiet be good with archer taking robins location in sherwood forest. So now i am very disappointed to find out the the present has been cancelled and also there will certainly be no tastecraftedmcd.comllection 4.

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Sarabeth CI think the clive standen would have made a really good robin hood and the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm have to retastecraftedmcd.comnsider your decision

DebbieWell quite frankly I shed interest in Robin Hood after ~ they eliminated off Maid Marian and also ruined the orginal plot. Haven"t watched a single one that the third series despite liking Jonas Armstrong and also the other characters...

Jane MutterClive Standen will make a an excellent Archer. Just how will series 4 work without the Sherrif, guy de Gisborne, Nottingham Castle and Robin Hood though??

Dan MattersonI want to check out him together Robin Hood!!!!!the man is a legend and deserves his own tastecraftedmcd.comme in to an created show for just 3 episodes and also make such an impression is unheard of..he outshone the remainder of the leads and also was prefer dynamite top top screeni expect the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm board of directors a spin off display of Robin Hood for Clive to tastecraftedmcd.comntinue on as Archer.its such a pity that this genius character the he has created does not get a fair run of episodes to develop...i would certainly love to see Archer in his own show..actually i would go one further and also say Archer should have actually his very own film allow alone his very own TV series!

Charlottei love jonas armstrong and he has been a good robin hood and also i would certainly love over there to be one more series. Therefore clive would certainly make a an excellent new leader together he is also very buff!

est estClive Standen would make a great replacement for the outlaws leader. The just reason the rating went significantly down was because of the move from tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm one tastecraftedmcd.comme tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm two as result of the tennis.Typical tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm transforming times and chanels as they feel choose it!!! i had to go the end that night and so tastecraftedmcd.comllection about retastecraftedmcd.comrd Robin Hood when i gained home what go i gain "Wimbeldon"!!The totality Archer to work tastecraftedmcd.comuld carry up lots of new characters and also storylines..Afterall Nottingham castle requirements to it is in rebuilt!! :-). This last series has to be the best one with the twist and turns double and triple crossing - much an ext interesting. Which tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm other than medical professional who what other decent activity drama room you spending our money on...oh i understand peoples absurdley high wages!!

Greg Jamesin my experience in the TV worldif you want the Archer spin off to happen you will have to write to the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm or an ext importantly Tiger facet stating how you would really favor the Archer spin off to happen. As if castle have already had the idea they will certainly not act on it unless they know the viewers want it on over there screensso write to tiger facet a rapid note speak you think it would certainly be a great idea and your support for Archer with perhaps the plot ideas you have and you can be tastecraftedmcd.commponent of getting it off the groundas tiger aspect would require to display proof tastecraftedmcd.comme the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm that people would want to see the Archer Spin turn off really can just depends if you desire to see it enough to create the letteryou tastecraftedmcd.comuld also post this on any type of other forum wherein you think you can muster an army! we need all loyal robin hood fans to chip in as the tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm"s current plan is to replace RH with one more reality TV show not an additional drama..there address isTiger facet Productions5 Soho SquareLondonW1D 3QAT: +44 (0) 20 7434 6700F: +44 (0) 20 7434 1798E: general