Not sure what to carry out with her Clash Royale gems? below are the best ways to spend them in stimulate to acquire the finest bang for her buck.

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Clash Royale is the latest game from the machines of Clash of Clans, and also while it consists of the same all at once theme as Clash the Clans, the gameplay is completely different.

Clash Royale is a online card game of sorts where you collect different cards and also play those cards the end on the battlefield in an effort to take under your enemy’s towers, while likewise defending your very own towers.

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You earn cards by earning chests, and also while you get a cost-free chest every 4 hours, you can earn an ext by winning battles, i m sorry can also open the door for much better chests the include far better cards inside.

However, you deserve to straight-up buy much better cards and much more chests utilizing your gems. You’re given a grasp of jewel for free when you start playing, however they can quickly run out if you’re too careless v them. You can constantly buy more gems, of course, yet you desire to usage those jewel carefully and get the many for your heard-earned money.

With that said, here’s the best method to invest Clash Royale gems to get the best bang for her buck.

Best method to invest Gems

Perhaps the best way to invest your Clash Royale jewel is come buy gold through those gems. You deserve to buy 1,000 gold with 60 gems, 10,000 gold with 500 gems, or 100,000 gold with 4,500 gems. The best deal is clear the one that expenses the most, whereby you gain 22.2 gold per gem, conversely, the cheapest option just gets you 16.6 gold per gem.


Once you have this gold, though, the best method to invest that extra yellow is top top cards that are available in the Clash Royale Shop. Every 24 hours, three new cards show up in the shop that you can buy freely: one common, one rare, and one epic.

You deserve to either buy typical or rare cards and purchase sufficient for the following upgrade for that card, or buy an epic card for 2,000 gold, which is a great way to go if you’ve been wanting a particular epic map unlocked.


Granted, you could buy chests making use of your gems, i m sorry will give you a handful of cards, as well as some extra gold, but the trouble with gemming chests is the it’s favor a box of chocolates: friend never know what you’re going to get, and it’s feasible that you’ll get a ton of cards that you don’t really want. In other words, it’s a gamble and also a hazard that girlfriend don’t should take.

I’d say the if friend aren’t worried about stretching your dollar and money isn’t an issue, climate buying chests is a fun way to go, but if you desire to be strategic and are after certain cards, climate buying individual cards indigenous the shop is your finest bet.


Let’s look in ~ this way: you buy 2,500 gems for $20 and there’s two ways you can use this gems. You deserve to buy much more gold or purchase chests.

If friend buy chests, friend can get the supervisor Magical Chest because that 2,100 gems and also then a large Chest because that 250. This will net girlfriend 351 cards, 58 the which room rare cards, and 8 the which are epic cards. You’ll also get a pair thousand in extra gold. However, you won’t understand what cards you’ll get and it’s an ext than most likely that many of the cards will be duplicates (which isn’t a bad thing if you plan to upgrade the card, however it’s something come be conscious of).


If you decide to to buy gold with your 2,500 gems, girlfriend can obtain 50,000 gold. This can go a long way in the Clash Royale shop. Typical cards start at about 5 gold, rarely cards begin at about 40 gold, and also epic cards begin at 2,000 gold. Doing the math method you can acquire 8 epics, 58 rares, and 285 commons for under 20,000 yellow — a much much better deal 보다 gemming chests.

Plus, you have the right to actually choose which cards friend want and also avoid duplicates. That course, one point to store in mental is the if girlfriend do setup to to buy duplicates, each new duplicate you buy raises in price, yet you can use the extra 30,000 gold that you need to easily make up for that.

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In the end, no one can tell you exactly how to spend your gems. After ~ all, it’s her money and also your game, so you must spend her gems on everything you want. However, the best method that ns feel will certainly stretch the end your dissension is by utilizing your gems to buy gold, and then buy cards in the shop with that gold.