If you’re looking for the The can be fried TH6 HYBRID/TROPHY basic 2021!! city Hall 6 Hybrid Base design – Clash the Clans, climate you have pertained to the best place. This base is among the best and also most renowned bases for coc city Hall 6. This city Hall 6 coc basic layout deserve to be provided for agriculture loot/resources as well as for Trophy pushing. Come know an ext about this TH6 ideal coc base, proceed reading this post.

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Hey guys, I’m dark barbaric today we’re make a new Town hall 6 base because most the my city hall 5 subscribers have moved to town hall 6 and also they wanted me to article some town hall 6 layouts, so there you go, this base is a hybrid basic which means it’ll assist you in conserving both your loot and your trophies, and also as always we’ll do an in-depth analysis of this basic in the base analysis component of the video clip which will aid you in understanding just how this base actually works, because that now, I’ll permit the speed construct play watch you in the basic analysis.





our next most necessary defense is, the wait defense, it is necessary to save them protected since giant healer and mass balloon assaults are quite prevalent at city hall 6, for this reason we have placed them right in the main point of the base, so the they stay protected while providing protection to pretty much the totality base, they have actually air sweeper well paired through them which further adds to the ability of this basic in countering air attacks.

Archer towers are arranged in together a means that their range covers the whole base, which means the basic is well secured against air assaults from every the sides


Cannons fill the remainder of the spaces in the base and provide a an excellent balance to the base which helps united state in defending against ground strike armies.

some might argue that clan castle must be put inside, yet in my opinion, it doesn’t matter wherever we location our clan castle at reduced townhalls, due to the fact that no issue wherever we location it, adversaries can quickly lure the defending clan castle troops due to the fact that of the little base size, at higher town halls placing clan lock in the facility can assist a lot however at city hall 6, maintaining it outside, doesn’t make lot of a difference.

Now comes to storages, they room evenly inserted in different compartments, this is the wrong that many beginner base developers make that they location all the storages in the center, and defenses in the external compartments. So as soon as the attacker break v the compartment of defenses lock get access to all the loot.which is not the instance in this base since the storages are placed in various compartments, the attacker has to take out the whole base in bespeak to get all the loot.never placed the same kind of storages ~ above one next of the base, because that example, if we placed both the gold storages on this side of the base, the attacker deserve to take nearly all your gold just by acquisition out this part of the base. Therefore in stimulate to stop that. We place them alternatively, just like this base.

The storages room protected between 2 great of defenses which means they are fairly well protected

Now comes to the location of the traps, after observation of for this reason many strikes on this base, feather traps, and giant bombs room strategically placed in different compartments according to the pathing that defense attack troops like hogs and giants, which help in do this basic stronger versus ground attacks.

I would favor to explain the factor why I placed that gigantic bomb over there, once someone strikes using Giants and also wizards what usually happens is the giants go for the defensive structures while wizards go in the direction of the outer buildings, this is where we deserve to take advantage of this opportunity and also take every one of them out utilizing a huge bomb, this trick worked for me quite often in the previous builds so I included it in this build too.

now comes to the outer structures you can customize wherein you desire to put them according to your choice. Just make sure you don’t put the same type of collectors all together, otherwise, the enemy will take all her loot in the collectors really easily.

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That’s it because that the basic AnalysisOne much more thing, this base is an excellent enough top top its own but make certain you have actually something in your clan lock for the defense since at lower town halls, protective clan lock troops space an integral component of the defense, so if you desire to boost your success rate, I definitely recommend gaining a dragon or part valkyries in her clan castle for defense. I’ve left a copy attach for this base under below, so the you men can easily copy this base, I’ll watch you males in the next one.


Using clan castle troops because that defending your base is very recommended as they deserve to put the attacker in problem by distracting them. Even though the basic alone is adequate to stop many of the strikes used by town Hall 6 attackers, utilizing the clan lock can help a lot. At city Hall 6 girlfriend can acquire Maximum that 20 housing room in her clan castle, right here are several of my recommendations for CC troops combinations because that the defense at city Hall 6 :-

1 Witch + 2 Wizards (Recommended)1 baby Dragon + 2 Wizards + 2 Archers2 Valkyries + 1 Wizard1 Dragon


Centered and also well-protected town hallWell protected Wizard Towers and also Mortars Air Defenses in the facility of the baseStorages room well protectedNicely placed Air SweeperPerfect trap placementBeast against Ground & air Attacks 


If you want to copy this basic just click on the Copy base Button, it will redirect you, from wherein you can easily copy this base design.