Hy-Vee Branch Update: Our Hy-Vee office (Fort Dodge) is temporary closed. Members deserve to visit our main Office at 2012 1st Avenue South, fort Dodge. We apologize for the inconvenience! 

Holiday Closing: all Citizens workplaces will be closing at NOON ~ above Friday, December 31, and also closed ~ above Saturday, January 1. Accounts have the right to be accessed 24/7 via online & Mobile bank or by calling pat (Personal automated Teller) in ~ (800) 441-3228. Happy new Year!






Earn as much as 2.01% APY* and enjoy too many of good features and services as soon as you open a REWARDchecking account at Citizens!


Savings Accounts

Whether you are conserving for a vacation, university or other else, Citizens uses a selection of to save account to aid you meet your gaue won goals.

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The roadway to delight starts with an affordable auto loan. Inspect out our present rates and also apply virtual today!

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