Cities: Skylines is a city-building in i beg your pardon you"re tasked with structure the best, most effective city possible. Much of the late video game is characterized by traffic and road management, so being able to elevate roads is a vital ability you"ll should know

To elevate a roadway in Cities: Skylines you"ll very first need to go into road structure mode and select a road type. V a road selected for placement, elevation is increased or lowered by pressing page Up or page Down, respectively.

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If girlfriend raise or lower elevation before you start placing a road the entire road segment will certainly be the your liked height. However if friend raise or reduced after you"ve began placing then the road will develop an incline indigenous the original elevation to to new height you"ve chosen.


On consoles the process is similar: get in the roads building mode and also select a road to start building. To adjust elevation press Up or down on the directional pad.

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On the computer version of the game you have the right to also adjust the dimension of each elevation adjust by picking the Elevation action button, which will cycle through the various elevation measures available.


Mastery of roadway elevation have the right to make every the difference when regulating the traffic around your city, since elevated roads can go end or under other structures and road systems. Therefore take some time come play around with roadway elevation!

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