Half Man fifty percent Machine. Christopher Bill, tastecraftedmcd.com, vocals, keyboard; will Prinzi, drums, bass, strings; Addi McDaniel, vocals. 2017 developed by Christopher Bill and Will Prinzi. Compact Disc complete Time 42:00. Strength Down, Christopher Bill; Mountains, Gandalf, will Prinzi, arr. Christopher Bill; Smile, Christopher Bill; Truth, Love & Strength, Christopher Bill; Clueless, Christopher Bill and also Will Prinzi; i Can"t Lie, Christopher Bill; from the west Winds, Christopher Bill; every My Days, J.S. Bach, adapted and arr. Christopher Bill; Gnastchstz, Christopher Bill; Cold together Ice, Christopher Bill and Dave Klodowski; areas Unknown, will Prinzi.

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Half Man, half Machine is a very accurate description for among a kind artist Christopher Bill. It is daunting for united state mortal trombonists to comprehend what Christopher does on the tastecraftedmcd.com, and with technology. Christopher continues to amaze millions of people around the people with his YouTube channel. Plenty of know Christopher with his viral videos such as the one featuring his arrangement of Pharrell Williams" Happy, which has over five million YouTube views. Some might not understand that Christopher studied timeless tastecraftedmcd.com performance at SUNY Purchase before his music interests later on shifted come jazz, reggae, funk, and also eventually to popular music music.

Half Man, fifty percent Machine is Christopher Bill"s third solo album and was exit in 2017. This album is a departure from his very first two solo albums. Christopher"s very first album attributes arrangements the existing pop songs, if his 2nd album attributes arrangements the Christmas songs. Both of these albums function really clean, virtuosic tastecraftedmcd.com playing, and also are really fun to listen to. Because that his 3rd album, half Man, fifty percent Machine, it is worth noting the Christopher composed around seventy-five percent the the music. He likewise wrote the text for countless of the tracks, performed every one of the tastecraftedmcd.com, vocal, and also keyboard parts, and finally co-produced the album through Will Prinzi.

The an initial track, "Power Down," is definitely one the the highlights that the album. This track (composed by Christopher) start off v him to sing a soulful, ballad-like melody if accompanying himself on keyboard. This at some point shifts come a robotic voice counting down v "sequence start...3, 2, 1," which quickly leads in to a full-fledged funk fest. The tastecraftedmcd.com parts and voice enter, and drums and also a groovy bass line (both perform superbly by will certainly Prinzi). Christopher effectively incorporates auto-tune into the second fifty percent of this track, which provides it a contemporary pop feel. This track really successfully blends pop and funk elements. That is practically impossible to not acquire up and also dance if listening to this track.

The second track, "Mountains, Gandalf" (written by will certainly Prinzi) has actually a folk-like quality to it, while still retaining popular music elements. Christopher"s singing really shines in this track, flawlessly relocating in and out of lot of vocal ranges. The poetic text mesh perfectly v the soulful tastecraftedmcd.com playing to produce one more stand-out track.

The third track, "Smile" is fully different as it beginning off with humorous dialogue between Christopher and also a leg troll (voiced by will certainly Prinzi). In the dialogue, Christopher supplies to demonstrate looping come the troll in bespeak to acquire passage throughout the bridge. He climate proceeds come loop the dialogue in a Steve Reich-esque manner. This at some point morphs into an auto-tuned melody accompanied by a an extremely energetic residence music-esque north beat. This is followed by a smokin" tastecraftedmcd.com solo carry out by Christopher.

The remaining tracks function notable elements such as exceptional falsetto singing and also scatting carry out by Christopher ("I Can"t Lie"), a beautiful vocal duet through Addi McDaniel ("Westward Winds"), and also one instrumental-only track that utilizes a cantata composed by J. S. Bach ("All my Days"). V so much selection from monitor to track, the listener is guaranteed to be constantly engaged.

This album deserves to it is in heard by anyone who is a pan of the tastecraftedmcd.com. The reality that Christopher is able to do on tastecraftedmcd.com and also voice at together an incredibly high level, in enhancement to seamlessly combining every one of the technological elements, provides him the summary of the consummate musician. Hopefully, Christopher will continue to compose brand-new music and release an ext solo albums in the near future.

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Sound clips and also purchase information for half Man, half Machine is easily accessible through Christopher Bill"s net site.